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Steve Jobs giving IBM the finger in 1983!
In memoriam for Steve Jobs as 2011 draws to a close, here's one more rare photo that illustrates his rebellious spirit. In December 1983, a few weeks before the Mac launch, we made a quick trip to New York City to meet with Newsweek, who was considering doing a cover story on the Mac. The photo was taken spontaneously as we walked around Manhattan by Jean Pigozzi, a wild French jet setter who was hanging out with us at the time. Somehow I ended up with a copy of it. My editor begged me to include it in my book, but I was too timid to ask for permission, especially since IBM was still making CPUs for Apple at the time.

Zanzibar (/zaenzibar/; from Persian: زنگبار Zangibār "Coast of Blacks"; zangi [black-skinned] + bār [coast]. #Zanzibar #zing #zang

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Pourquoi les juifs sont si puissants et les musulmans si impuissants ? Par le Dr Saleem Farrukh via @terredisrael 

What a magnificent soul it was.  We will miss him deeply.  May God  bless the funeral ceremony of @NelsonMandela. #miss you madiba
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