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Mel Soriano
A Nomadic, Avuncular, Gleek Geek Spiritualist Episcopalian. Humbled by God's blessings, awed by musicals, working against bullying & causes of homelessness.
A Nomadic, Avuncular, Gleek Geek Spiritualist Episcopalian. Humbled by God's blessings, awed by musicals, working against bullying & causes of homelessness.

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I am lucky
I am lucky. I was born to a Christian family       and raised in predominantly Christian countries. I am a minority, and got in fights as I was called a "chink",       but never got seriously hurt. I am brown, played cops and robbers,       but never got sh...

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Rain Delay
It's been a month since I last blogged. Like most, I got caught up in the festivities and demands of the season. I'd like to say that I posted a reflection regularly during that time, but like so much in life, we can't get what we want, not yet, not now. So...

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Seeing is Believing - Reflections from the Subway before Advent IV
The fourth candle of the Advent wreath will be lit this coming Sunday and it's the one that represents love. In the Christian sense, love is not the romantic emotion but the unbreakable love that flows and comes down like the rain. It can't be beckoned, it ...

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The Counselor is Inn
Every year, I wonder if I'll be invited to any Christmas parties and, if invited, whether I'll attend. Since becoming a Lay Counselor for All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, I know that we'll always have at least one invitation. But this year, with me ...

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Letting Joy Find You - Advent III
This coming weekend, we will light the third candle - the pink one - which is a symbol of Joy. It sure is hard sometimes to talk about joy, especially at this time of year. It's dark outside more often than it is bright. It's cooler, and if you lived in my ...

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Light and Truth - Advent Meditation II
We light the candle of light and truth this coming Sunday on the Advent wreath. I find it interesting that it comes after the candle of hope and expectation. In some ways, I think hope and expectation is driven by visions of light and truth, not hope before...

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Hope is not Passive - Advent I
Today we lit the first candle of the Advent wreath at church. Perhaps because evening comes so early now that daily savings time has ended and we've returned to normal lighting, it seems dark. Dreary. It actually got gray and rained a lot in Los Angeles thi...

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Beatitudes 2.1
As All Saints' Day approaches, I start to think about the blessings all around us, the cloud of witnesses who came and laid down the pavement for us to walk upon but are no longer physically present. And it seems fitting that the readings this coming All Sa...

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Climb that Tree and Find What You Seek
There was a time when I felt lost. I mean, really lost, and not like lost as I am in general today. I didn't enjoy attending my church because I would hear reinforcing messages that the way I was born, the way I was created, was somehow intrinsically maladj...

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Take me, Take me as I am
I walked this Camino thinking that I might be posting, as I did this spring nightly. Obviously, I did not. I spent much time thinking and contemplating, like before, but this time with a fixed group traveling together as one. So some of the time I would hav...
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