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How To Overcome Worry by Winfred Neely REVIEW
Everyone deals with worry and stress. It's part of human life, but it isn't a part of God's plan for our lives. In this books, Dr. Winfred Neely gives his advice for overcoming worry in a worry-filled and anxiety-creating world.  First of all, concern and c...

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A Selfish Plan to Change the World by Justin Dillon REVIEW
This book is all about using what means you have to change the world. Justin Dillon, founder of Slavery Footprint, argues that you don't need much to change the world, just your passion for a cause, and whatever resources may be available to you. Changing t...

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Let's Be Real by Natasha Bure REVIEW
In this book, Natasha Bure gives advice for teens, from dealing with boys and breakouts, all the way to keeping your faith and being true to yourself in today's world.  Though the intended audience for this book is teens and younger girls, and I'm a bit old...

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20 Things We'd Tell Our Twenty-something Selves by Kelli and Peter Worrall REVIEW
20 Things We'd Tell Our Twenty-Something Selves  is a book by Kelli and Peter Worrall, which seeks to give advice to all of the twenty-somethings in the world going into their "quarter-life crisis", the terrifying and confusing time when young adults begin ...

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The Dawn of Christianity by Robert J. Hutchinson REVIEW
The Dawn of Christianity: How God Used Simple Fishermen, Soldiers, and Prostitutes to Transform the World  by Robert J. Hutchinson gives a detailed history of the early Jesus Movement, starting just before Jesus' death and ending with the apostles.  The boo...

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Hitler's Cross by Erwin W. Lutzer REVIEW
Hitler's Cross , written by Erwin W. Lutzer, outlines the ways in which, during the Second World War, Adolf Hitler used and twisted both the cross and Christianity to promote himself and further the Nazi agenda. This book seeks to explain "the 'hows' and 'w...

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Acceptable Worship by Dr. C.H. Snyder REVIEW
Acceptable Worship  by Dr. C.H. Snyder helps readers understand what kind of worship God accepts and what pleases Him. The author's goal was to write a book that would help people understand what the Bible says about worship. The focus of the book is to mor...

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Your Money Map by Howard Dayton REVIEW
Your Money Map: A Proven 7-Step Guide to True Financial Freedom  is a guidebook by Howard Dayton instructing us in how we should handle our money and get out of debt: doing it God's way.  Many people are surprised to learn that there are over 2,350 verses i...

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"Discipling as Jesus Discipled" by Dann Spader: Review
"Discipling as Jesus Discipled" is a workbook by Dann Spader and published by Moody Publishers. It aims to make disciples who will go out and make disciples who will, in turn, make more disciples. Spader uses this workbook to teach Christians how to create ...

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The Story: 365 Devotions: REVIEW
The Story: 365 Devotions  is a daily devotional from Zondervan with the purpose of helping you discover your role in God's story. Each day shares a short Bible verse, which an explanation and a connection to the reader's life. I started this on January 1, a...
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