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Flamingos  hibernating

I just jumped into Google biz as a writer! I am thrilled!

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Dennie's Nature Blog: His real life nature book, The Spirits of Birds, Bears, Butterflies and All Those Other Wild Creatures was inspired by this incredible story!

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Free Book Anyone? Watch OUT!

Have you ever read a free e-book from the Internet and then wondered why it is free?

What if, by chance, you discovered the book’s author didn’t know the book was being given away? Would you try to contact that author to inform him or her? Probably not, right?

Write an e-book for an Internet publisher and watch out!
Many authors seemingly don’t know it, but their book can apparently be easily stolen.Then, it appears on both free book sites and on other book sites selling it which refuse to tell, at least this author, how many books have been sold and where the proceeds have gone.
Think about it! It is very easy to convert a book’s copy from an email or even a misplaced hard copy into an e-book. It just needs to be smoothly converted into that e-book on line at a book sales site created as an online business.

Then, that business can either sell it, or give it away free in exchange for registering on their site. And, a shady enterprise can use it simply to collect identity information of a site visitor, including their name, address, telephone number and email. Then the information can be utilized for all sorts of sales promotions, or, according to one e-book publisher’s agent, to hack his or her way into the information giver’s computer.

Because these schemes can be discovered by some authors, constantly searching for their book title on the Internet, it’s hard to believe that they, like me, don’t report it to their publisher.
If they do report it, then what happens? Does their book company or publisher do anything about it?

In my case, two publishers took my complaints with some sympathy. However, none of their representatives told me they were going to inform the appropriate government authorities, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about what amounts to Internet theft or fraud over the wires.

I did contact, the FBI’s Internet unit. It, however, compels an accuser to file a complaint on its Internet site without any often necessary verbal communications. It’s obviously a busy site, but there are no telephone numbers I could find inside it to ask questions of a knowledgeable federal agent.

Now, you wonder, with the thousands of complaints into that mute FBI site, will any agent actually investigate and come to a conclusion?
Here is another fascinating question: What do publishers or their book’s sellers decide to do, if anything, when they are informed that books they are responsible for are being given away free by a site right in front of them or at least easily accessible on the Internet?
What does it take for publishers or book sellers to search the Internet for their books being sold for free? Wouldn’t you think if they had been making complaints about free book Internet sites that there wouldn’t be so many of them?

On one free e-book site I found, a well known e-book publisher's name was shown high up on page one with, strangely, a statement of denial it was related to the site's business of giving away books. It makes you wonder whether well known publishers and book selling companies are offering books for free, as a promotional gimmick, without telling the authors.

Now,let me be a three dimensional thinker-writer here! Some authors indeed voluntarily give their books away for free.

Simone Collins (ArtCorgi Founder and COO) in The Hufington Post reports: "authors' generosity is often reciprocated by a myriad of benefits. In addition to enjoying more readers (and thus more word-of-mouth marketing), authors who give their books away for free or at low costs frequently enjoy deeper customer relationships, more reviews, more sales of print books and increased sales of related books, products and services."

Of course, this give-away occurs when the book's author sanctions it, not when some corrupt company or individual decide to exploit that author.

Hello! I am joining the community because I am in the midst of doing all the self marketing for my new unique nature book, The Spirits of Birds, Bears, Butterflies and All Those Other Wild Creatures (web site It is my first book after working as a Hartford Courant investigative reporter and then a freelance investigative writer under the byline, Thomas D. Williams. My nickname is Dennie. .
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