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Will the last person leaving G+ please turn out the lights.
Will the last person leaving G+ please turn out the lights.

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I've been thinking about precisely this analogy, and I'm glad someone else has put it in pictures. 


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Fog rolling in at Air Force Beach, Comox, #VancouverIsland.

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I checked out alternatives to MS Word, whose ribbon interface still confuses me, and it quickly came down to a choice between LibreOffice Writer and SoftMaker's TextMaker.

The two are very similar in functionality and appearance. Of course, LibreOffice has the advantage of being free, but in the end #SoftMaker got the nod because it loads faster, has old-fashioned documentation in PDF and even (gasp!) Windows Help format, and seems to be the work of a tightly focused team offering good customer support.

TextMaker is also available in an almost identical Android tablet version, which unlike most "Word-compatible" apps can do anything you can do on the PC (e.g. create paragraph styles). I wouldn't consider doing any serious writing on a tablet without a Bluetooth keyboard, but for revision it's nice to have a familiar interface and full support for all file formats.

The standard version of the full office suite set me back $93 CDN. There's no reason to buy the "professional" version unless you want the translation dictionaries.
Now shipping: SoftMaker Office Standard 2016 for Windows.
From €/$ 39.95 with three licenses and free support.
SoftMaker Office 2016 Professional for Windows with its more than 400 improvements has been available for several weeks already. As of now, our strong new office suite is shipping in a Standard variant as well. Starting at €/$39.95, this includes free support and three licenses which may be used at home or in business.
Both SoftMaker Office 2016 Standard and Professional contain the word processor TextMaker 2016, the spreadsheet application PlanMaker 2016, the presentation software Presentations 2016, the macro language BasicMaker, and Thunderbird ehanced by SoftMaker for e-mails and managing your calendar.
SoftMaker Office Professional adds four high-quality Berlitz dictionaries for translations from/to English, Spanish, French, Italian and German – a great resource when you need to create foreign-language documents.
Find out more:
Comparison: Standard vs. Professional:

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This is the best thing there is.

#opera #aida  #LeontynePrice

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The more I play with the Google Ngram Viewer (, the clearer it becomes that our way of speaking underwent many changes in the late 1960s, beginning some trends that continue to the present day.

The chart below suggests that in the last 50 years we've become a lot bossier.  

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This is one of the best Android implementations of a table game that I've seen. It has distinct interfaces for phone and tablet, both very usable, and the AI is pretty decent too. Sadly, with only 5,000 downloads so far, it shows why we don't get to see more adaptations of classic board and card games.


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Apart from the general butt-ugliness of Windows 10, with its wannabe-Material-Design flat look, I'm baffled by the decision to eliminate important visual clues to functionality.

The screenshot shows a window against the PC desktop. The window has no borders, therefore no suggestion that the edges and corners are controls that can be dragged. It has no visible caption bar, so though you may realize, from experience with previous versions, that you can move the window by dragging the top, or maximize/restore by double-clicking it, there's nothing to indicate that there's a control there, or what its dimensions are.

This is carrying minimalist design into the territory of the perversely obscure.

#windows10   #interfaceDesign  

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Tsable River Trestle

I took this late afternoon today with a Nexus5 using HDR; darkened it and pumped up the vibrance in Photos. I like the way the young maples are menacing the dark, neglected structure.

#nexus5photography   #vancouverisland  

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Seems like a great idea to me, if we can defend our side and keep the gun nuts out of Canada. 


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After five years, the first and probably only significant consequence for those responsible for the worst violation of civil liberties since the Japanese-Canadian internments of 1942.

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