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Yen Vu
I love to cook, even more than I love to eat!
I love to cook, even more than I love to eat!

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Hart for Her 1st anniversary cake
My friend Patricia asked me to make a cake for the 1st anniversary of her women only gym and gave me a carte blanche. She was confident that I would come up with something nice. Actually nice is not something I would go for when I make a cake for someone. I...

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Desserts to go
I just can't believe how fast this year went. I remembered when I first started this course in September and now it's already finished and things have turned back to normal.  The last two school days were for us to prepare for the competition. The assignmen...

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Molecular gastronomy
On this last day we got to experiment with all kinds of different powders. We started with a mini masterclass explaining what powder had what usage and how to use them. I've always loved those pop in your mouth little juicy spheres so we decided to make the...

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Liquid nitrogen
This is the start of the last couple of school days. We are now almost at the end of the journey. Again the group was divided in two. The group who were working down stairs were playing around with liquid nitrogen and the group upstairs were working with di...

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Woezel & Pip theme cake
There have been a lot of first times this past week. It started with making a 3D boat cake, creating a fondant sea, modeling parrots and octopuses. This time it was making a Woezel & Pip birthday cake for an one year old boy. His mom has seen this particula...

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates theme cake
My neighbor approached me some weeks ago with the request of making the boys birthday cake. Since their birthday is in the same month they celebrate it together. The party theme was  Jake and the Never Land Pirates. I have vaguely heard about this children'...

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Apple pie retro dessert
The assignment for the last day of this phase was to take an existing dessert, cookie, candy and make it something new out of it. People still have to recognize the original in the whatever idea we would come up with. Some people actually made something new...

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Raspberry and chocolate dessert
Today we were making a raspberry bavarois with an interieur of raspberry cremeux and a cookie bottom and a chocolate mousse with a chocolate cremeux with a chocolate cake bottom. All things we made before except for the cremeux.  We started with making the ...

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Ice cream & wine and dine experience
Today's course has been very relaxing. Nothing much to do then to sample ice cream, wine and desserts.  Mr Robert Verweij did the workshop today and he started off with ice cream. He talked about the ingredients for making ice cream and gave us his recipe f...

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Schwarzwalder birthday cake
For my moms birthday I wanted to make something nice. For my dad's birthday I made the Oscar cake with an extra layer of panna cotta on the inside. Just to give it a different twist. Initially I wanted to make the same for my mom's birthday, but when I look...
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