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Just saving to watch later. I'll forget about it otherwise.

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Story of my Geology Field Study in the Eastern Sierra. The only thing that is a bit messed up is that the snow hiking is on the wrong day - we did that on Saturday, not Friday.

It was a wonderful trip, and I learned a lot. It was cold and rainy for most of the time, but so worth it. Absolutely beautiful.

  #monolake   #saddlebackcollege   #geology   #camping   #easternsierra  

All registered for classes! Only two this semester, but they are both pretty awesome. 1) Physical Anthropology, which I have taken but back in 2006 and there has been so much done/discovered in that time that I feel I need to take it again, and 2) The World of Primates - how sweet is it that a primate course is offered at a community college?? It probably won't transfer, but I need to take something. All my gen ed classes are taken care of. In fact, all my classes but BIO, which I can't get into, are taken.. Though I may try to get added.

Wow wordy post. Probably because I am avoiding this semester's schoolwork, Heh.

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Really +NASA ? The "softer" side of space? Couldn't this have been done without the "OMG SHE'S A GIRL ASTRONAUT" Sears tagline qualifiers?

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I think the resistance is trying to hack my scanner! #ingress

Last night I dreamed that #ingress   was real.

People find out it is not just a game and the resistance is flooded with converts. The resistance start organizing in downtown LA, rounding up the enlightened and sending them to prison camps. +Joshua Frederick and I decide we need to flee to San Francisco because that is where the remaining enlightened stronghold is located (at least that's where it was when we last had map access). We stop to pick up my sister and her kids, but when we arrive at the house, it is trashed and they are nowhere to be found. We take whatever food we can find from the kitchen, climb into the car, and speed off.

We realize that now, we are part of the new resistance.

I have never been less afraid of my husband driving to the "interesting" parts of town now that I navigate to portals so he can fight the resistance. Can't wait until I can help him out! #ingressenlightened   #ingress  

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Stone brewery anniversary celebration! Yay beer!

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So excited!
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