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+Nick Coghlan and I are having a good brain storming about the addition of password hash algorithms to the Python standard library: The discussion is related to the recent #linkedinhacked fiasco. While I was typing, +Guido van Rossum has joined the topic, too.

I'm astonished how few people know about the excellent #passlib package. It's a great framework with over 30 hash algorithms, more deviations for countless apps and OSs, side channel free password checker and migration of outdated password schemas. The code is well written, documented and the authors really know what they are doing.

If you deal with passwords, checkout
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I'm not sure I follow that comment Paul... is this in relation to the title I use for my blog and my post about volunteer-developed VMs? (which is unrelated to this particular G+ post)

If so, yes, the title of my blog is a deliberately provocative language hack. You can also reach it through the alternative, less confrontational, framing of

That post is also about cross-platform language level VMs rather than OS level VM hypervisors.
first, even simple tips on Windows platform are helpful to BSD and Linux
users who cross-deploy to Windows.
Lazy Way to Success
four distinct personality types:
1) mentally dull and physically lazy, 
2) mentally bright and physically energetic, 
3) mentally dull and physically energetic, and 
4) mentally bright and physically lazy.

mapping of tasks to types:
1.)[task(simple,  repetitive): type(1)]
2.)[task(complex, repetitive): type(2)]
3.)[task(simple,  do nothing): type(3)]
4.)[task(complex, unique):     type(4)]

Python Software keeps re-inventing itself and even combining
features from functional programming. The task classification
is 4 - complex, unique and YOU specifically are type(4).
     4) mentally bright and physically lazy.

In my personal opinion, you are perfectly matched as in
     4.)[task(complex, unique):     type(4)]

As long as you are there, Python has a future.
     PYTHON HAS A FUTURE, for it is much more decentralized and global THAN JAVA.

PS. this is NOT to glorify war or the German military.  It is one of
many personality type classifications used in organizations.

PYTHON IS THE PEOPLE. Java was 'the father of Java' and
Sun/Oracle. Python fits the paradigm of complex AND UNIQUE,
even more so than Ruby or Haskell.

PS. Sure OpenBSD is 'more secure', more strict and HIGHLY
COMPLEX.  But  who are the PEOPLE TEAM?
       are there kids making python; engineers making robots;
computer scientists making NEW VERSIONS; programmers
do practical things on the Web???
       The answer is python.

PS. although I like to do type 4; much of time I am stuck with
type 2 - task 2; unable to work with the federation ... (borg in
scifi terms) that is PYTHON.
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