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Nick Coghlan
CPython core developer, Red Hat toolsmith, cognitive science dabbler.
CPython core developer, Red Hat toolsmith, cognitive science dabbler.

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Yeah, I had a good week :)

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My traditional comment on these: 1-click G+ integration is kinda cheating,  Google.

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For comparison with the current set of pics, here are some I took a couple of years ago during the 2011 Brisbane floods.

That bridge Josh is standing on in one of the photos? We couldn't get to it yesterday because the whole park was under water. (I'll grant that it wasn't actually raining when I took these 2011 pics, unlike yesterday)
2011_01_11_Local_Flooding (14 photos)
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We're well away from the big rivers near Brisbane (the Brisbane River itself through the city, and the Pine Rivers to the north), but still had some decent local flooding.

Most of these pictures are of the local park (which usually has just a small stream running through the middle but had turned into a shallow lake yesterday). The last few pictures/videos are of the far side of the road from the park - the final video is of the inlet side under the bridge that appears in one of the earlier videos.
2013_01_27_Carseldine_Flooding (23 photos)
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Hmm, popping this up when I hit publish in Blogger is kinda cheating, Google...

A cache of the entire internet at Google's command, and they can't figure out that suggesting I invite a public mailing list to join Gmail or G+ is really stupid?

And yes, I did just open up G+ for the first time in ages to see python-dev and python-ideas as the first two suggested "Invite Friends" entries :P

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+Nick Coghlan and I are having a good brain storming about the addition of password hash algorithms to the Python standard library: The discussion is related to the recent #linkedinhacked fiasco. While I was typing, +Guido van Rossum has joined the topic, too.

I'm astonished how few people know about the excellent #passlib package. It's a great framework with over 30 hash algorithms, more deviations for countless apps and OSs, side channel free password checker and migration of outdated password schemas. The code is well written, documented and the authors really know what they are doing.

If you deal with passwords, checkout
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