Construction Safety Week at Designer Group - Friday.

Did you know it is estimated that driving for work accounts for up to 1 in 3 road collisions every year?

To highlight the importance of Friday's theme of "Driving for Work", Designer Group carried out a number of activities to emphasise the need for Safe Driving for work.

We invited our staff with company vehicles to our head office in Clyde House, to show a video highlighting various ways to ensure safer driving. We also carried out routine safety checks on all our company vehicles and issued every member of staff with Winter Safety Kits for their cars.

This marks the final event for what has been a very successful and informative week in conjunction with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) for Construction Safety Week. We would like to thank our EHS team for their efforts throughout the week and our other construction industry leaders for their engagement and participation.

Always remember that it is everybody's responsibility to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our staff, suppliers and clients and that it is a constant work in progress.
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