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Reason number eleventy-billion why my life RAWKS.

Know this guy? (If you have kids you so should!)

(Watch the pirate song--it's my favorite!)

Ya'all, he is coming to my HOUSE tonight. Sleeping in my guest room. Also, playing Euro games with Kenny and me.:D

My life RAWKS!

(Also, if you live in the Phoenix area he's doing a concert on Friday. Check the schedule link.)
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Thanks for the link. The wee one thanks you too!
That's pretty amazing. I bet he's putting the same thing on his g+ account - "My life RAWKS cuz' I'm hanging out with the author of Wings" :)
These songs and videos are soo cute! My 7yo also liked them! :)
And I love your books! Nearly read them at once. I've read the first two in German and as I couldn't wait for the next translation I bought Illusions in English. :) I also liked all the deleted scenes and additional parts you've shared on your homepage. Thanks for all this wonderful and magical stories! :) Wish you a wonderful day! <3 Susi
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