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Frances Micklem
Rehabilitation without Medication
Rehabilitation without Medication

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One person's experience!

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Irish Salsa Congress
Dance shoes in hand It all started with emergency gardening
around midnight on Friday – On closer inspection of Becky’s spiky outline, in
the straw, I found she had pulled out 8 of the 10 significant branches of my
favourite winter scented jasmine and added...

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Vesper Dance Studio, Kilkenny... and all my most entertaining dance paintings

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Best Dance Studio in Ireland - To be found in Kilkenny City
Vesper Dance Studio - Dublin Road, Kilkenny Salsa   Coming Home After Salsa Bachata Dancefloor over the stream   Ballroom Full Moon Party   Dance Fit  Beach Ready Stretch and Flex How To Live As One   Argentine Tango   Western Jive Cowboy Country   Hip Hop ...

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So here goes some 'Light-Hearted Lifestyle content' on Raw Food as Lidl says this is the way to engage people!!
It is not what you eat but what you don't eat that keeps you healthy Why is organic, raw, vegan food a necessity rather than an option? I've only just realized that very few people know that over half of every meal SHOULD be raw, if you want to prevent canc...

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Another Opportunity To Extricate Your Presence of Mind and Well being from Technological Control
We really need to be living by consciousness rather than emotion so Do we want facebook to sponsor emotion-reading technology to decide what we will feel next? Hang on, this can only go three ways 1) Compound emotions. Depress
vegans further before bed tim...

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Food for thought - Vegan of course!

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How Do You Deal With What Is and What Is Not?
Time to observe your good traits as well as your bad Do you often check in with yourself with
kindly discernment? For myself, I have always done a lot of work around areas
of my personality that I considered negative and patterns that had a tendency
to depr...

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