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My kids now call me the "Crazy Jello Lady" and people at church sing the Jello song to me when I pass because I happened to be featured on a fun KSL news segment about Jello in Utah last month!   You can watch it HERE!    It was a lot of fun!  This is the J...

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Mental Illness Through the Eyes of a 16 Year Old Girl
Mental illness is not beautiful.  It's not romantic. Depression isn't just being sad.  I don't know what sad feels like. Anxiety isn't just being nervous.  Bipolar isn't just mood swings. Self harm isn't just attention seeking. Depression is feeling empty, ...

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2016: A Year in Picture Review
2016 was a year of MAGIC! When I chose magic as my word of the year for 2016, I had no idea what would transpire, but it truly was a magical year.  Here are a few of the amazing things that happened last year! We visited the ice castles in Midway! It was ou...

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2017: The Best is Yet to Come!
It's New Year's Day!  I've been pondering on my goals and my word for 2017 over the last couple of weeks.   I've decided my word of the year will be JOY !  Last year my word was MAGIC and so many magical things happened! I held a baby panther!!! You can't g...

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Instant Pot Italian Chicken
I've seen several versions of this chicken, both Instant Pot and stove top and I decided I wanted to try it.  When your kids say, "Good job, Mom!" before they've even tasted it you know dinner is a hit! Instant Pot Italian Chicken 2 lbs boneless skinless ch...

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No Spend September
A couple of months ago I decided to try going a full week without spending any money. No groceries. No household items. No eating out. Nothing. I think my kids were more frustrated with it than I was... or I should say Alyssa was frustrated.  She likes to t...

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Autumn Jam with an Instant Pot Shortcut
This jam is amazing!  I love all homemade jam, but this one really stands out.  We don't eat a lot of jam at our house and I make several batches a year, which means I always have tons of extras.   I whipped up a batch of this jam a couple of days ago and w...

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Pura Vida
A little known fact about me is that I'm half Costa Rican.  As I child, when I'd see the American Flag or sing patriotic songs in elementary school I'd get emotional and choke back tears... okay, I still get emotional during the pledge or national anthem be...

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Pretty Pink Princess Party
It's always been my dream to throw myself a princess birthday party!  Why do kids get to have all the pretty princess fun?  When researching ideas for my party I found that most fancy princess parties on Pinterest were thrown for one year olds!  One?  I wan...

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Me and My Girls: YouTube episode 1
My teenagers and I have an amazing relationship.  It's tricky to balance being a mom with old fashioned beliefs and values and having teens who are very much of the modern world.  We totally make it work though!  If you missed my Best Piece of Parenting Adv...
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