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My successful Australian settlement

– Australia gave me an opportunity to dream everything is possible
– Australia gave me individuality from traditionally extended family ties and assisted to get to know myself and my capabilities
– Australia gave me a freedom of choice when it came to select my career, work direction and lifestyle
– Australia offered me opportunity to start my own business hassle free
– Australia offered me rainbow of culturally diverse people to work with and to call them my friends
– Australia taught me how to be truly independent and confident to pursue my personal and business goals
–  In Australia I met people that value my experience and knowledge rather than judge me the way a look, speak or where I came from
– Opportunity to work in the industry where I am able to assist people to experience and share Australian life with me.

My days are not just work, I enjoy-

–  Running in the morning on the local beach
– Taking my daughter for a canoe ride after school
–  Sailing in the hobby cat and flying kite with my family
–  Having friends over on the weekend for a BBQ
–  Playing ball in the park and people passing by will always get involved in the game
–  Sharing ideas and exploring opportunities where I know that I will not be limited by environment or country I live in, but only by my own limitations that I set in my mind
– Meeting people every day and everywhere that will return smile

I have found my home in Australia.



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