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Genealogy, Photography, Quilting.
Genealogy, Photography, Quilting.

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Interesting viewpoint. I think we can all use a little dose of artful conversation. Take the time to participate in the conversations we are having, you never know from whom you will learn something that you didn't know. Even if it's only patience and kindness!
Barbara Walters on the Art of Conversation and How to Talk to Bores

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I loved this presentation! Great points by +Guy Kawasaki and WOW what a likable guy (lol, bet you never heard that one?!).
I'm going to Amazon right now to buy his book "Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions", or maybe "The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything"
Video from my recent appearance at the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup

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I am helping my husband, who is getting started with his own business as a Safety Consultant offering some Regional Safety Services. Lots to work on as he is continuing his current full-time job as a Safety Manager on a project as an employee. I have finally convinced him that Social Media and Google+ are a great tool to help with networking and building his business (I think). I may be a little scarce for a while but am trying to keep up. Wish me luck  #businessstartup   #safetytraining  

I just subscribed to #dustntv! This is my shoutout to +Dustin W. Stout letting him know but also letting you know. If you want current awesome content on social media marketing and design you too should subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on g+!
#dustntv #socialmediamarketing #YouTube

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Check out this video on YouTube:
great music, great cause, great game
One Great Big World

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Love it!
Here's One Of The Best World Cup Ads You'll Ever See.

Nike Football does it again with an amazing animated commercial for the world cup games in Brazil. It's not only funny, cool & fun to watch, but also rises an interesting concept question. Will robots take over the game as we know it? Probably not... But see for yourself ;)

What do you think about the video? What should be the limits of technology usage in sports? (i.e. Michael Phelps swimming suit or the Fifa goal-line technology -

Please feel free to +1 & Share this post if you like it :)

#WorldCup   #NikeCommercial   #Brazil2014Commercial  

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+martin shervington +Plus Your Business! Are the bomb, showing my age a little here :)). Lots of straight forward info on setting up your page and all the options. I will be diving in for business pages soon.
A Complete Guide to Google Pages  +martin shervington 

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If you have Canadian Ancestors and don't have World Access with Ancestry this is great. Access thru July 1 (Canada Day) 

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If you have done any genealogy research you know how useful it is to have indexed documents. I am going to participate this month in +DearMYRTLE's 3 2 1 Cite Challenge! It was easier than I thought it would be, watch +DearMYRTLE's June 25 Wacky Wednesday and pay it forward. It doesn't take a huge amount of time, it's pretty straightforward, and you can set your preferences for beginner if you haven't done any before. As +Cousin Russ said someone is looking for the the information you will end up indexing.

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Watch this if you want to build your Blog, Circle, HOA... Lovely group of people with vast knowledge. And they had a Georgia boy (Stan) in the house!
Usually this will be a show about Data BUT this week we get some added benefits. Not only will we be joined by the +Plus My Reach  crew of +Michael Mason  and +Laurie Laizure  but we will also get +Chef Dennis Littley  and +Ray Hiltz  joining too.

The reason is the +BritMums community. +Jennifer Howze  will be joining us from this fabulous community of parent bloggers following on from their huge Social Media Conference in London. One focus will be bloggers using Google+ more effectively and so why not get all the best people together.

How to use the platform better if you are a blogger and then how to analyse your Hangouts. All great discussions I am sure and some great advice by all.

It will be hosted by +James Dearsley  Founder of +The Digital Marketing Bureau  who is particularly passionate about cutting edge marketing techniques and also by the methods of measurement and analysis of the entire social and digital world.

The show starts on Wednesday 25th of June at 5 pm GMT, 9 am PST, 12 pm EST.

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