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5 Characters in Video Games that Will Not Be Forgotten
Video games always present a world that will bring players together with the various things that are in it. Graphics and gameplay that exist in a video game would be a determinant of whether or not someone playing the game. So, do not be surprised if the vi...

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7 Mysteries in Video Games That Are Still Unknown
Just like movies or TV series, video games also often insert a mystery or hanging ending that is never missed. This can be said is a major weapon for the developers for the games they make can continue to be discussed in various forums or associations that ...

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3 Secret Tips to Become Top Global Mobile Legends in Season 9
In the midst of the onslaught of Battle Arena games such as PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survivor, Mobile Legends games are still the best MOBA games many smartphone users play. Evidently more and more Top Mobile Mobile Legends are increasingly famous on YouTub...

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7 Best and Epic Video Games of the Year 2018 That You Must Play
The year 2018 became a pretty interesting year in the video game industry. A number of games that would be successful when introduced even tipped less well when released. The reason is the same, repetitive and the concept offered is too mainstream or generi...

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7 Digital Jobs That Can Make You Rich Quickly
No doubt about it. The development of the digital world is now increasingly advanced. Now almost all human activities can be done in the digital world. For example shopping, social interaction, or work. With the rapid development of the digital world. We mu...

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5 Most Used Hero Mobile Legends by Noobs
As we all know, Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has a lot of heroes in it. The heroes are grouped into 6 roles and have different functions and roles. Surely we've known what it's called a noob. Yep, those words are words that players often pronounce if ...

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5 Smallest Superheroes Ever in DC and Marvel Universe!
Not long ago Marvel fans have been spoiled by the emergence of Ant-Man and the Wasp film that tells the adventures of the new ants and bees on earth. Speaking superhero body size, of course, all agree that Ant-Man and The Wasp is a character that can have t...

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5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Have Annoying Skills!
Various heroes in Mobile Legends equipped with different capabilities so that the strategy in the game can be more diverse. Among the many heroes that have been released, each hero has its own advantages, including making the enemy trouble. Well, there are ...

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PUBG Mobile Put Hidden Costumes at Spawn Island Erangel and Mirama
One other thing that makes PUBG Mobile exciting is the number of costumes that we can enjoy. So we can perform as we do, rather than appear like the other players. But all the costumes are sold separately. So if you want your character to look cool on PUBG ...

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5 Heroes Arena of Valor Using the Stack System on Their Skill!
For those of you who have been playing Arena of Valor games long enough (AOV), surely aware there are some heroes in this game who have a level of difficulty is high enough. Although cursory mobile MOBA game is simpler than MOBA PC, but the mobile developer...
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