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Counting Stars: My Christmas Eve tradition

Every year around Christmas or New Year's, the big black phone tucked into the cubbyhole of our yellow kitchen would wake us up with its loud bbbbb-ring. We listened to the soft thumping of footsteps on carpet as Mom ran for the phone hoping that the kids would sleep through the ringing and the conversation that followed. We knew that it was my uncle, loudly talking about eternal life and Jesus while mom tried to calm him down. He was always half in tears and more than drunk. Being drunk was his thing, his lifelong thing.

The song Counting Stars from The McGarrigle Christmas Hour reminds me of him, gone now to lung cancer. My last memory is of a thin man sitting in the dim light of a low-rent apartment hooked up to an oxygen tank with a necklace of plastic tubes resting on his stained t-shirt.

This spoken word piece reminds me not only of him but other hims and hers that might be "in damn trouble again" as Christmas rolls around. I listen to this song and try to send hope along. I hope they're all counting the best kinds of stars as the chorus sings and the pianos play. I hope when they call - all drunk and thinking of Jesus - that someone picks up the phone.

On elections and trivia and hoping against hope:

"Look up the word suffrage in the dictionary. In mine, after noting the main meanings - the privilege of voting, the “exercise of such a right,” the third interpretation of suffrage is this: “A short intercessory prayer.” Isn’t that beautiful? And true? For what is voting if not a kind of prayer, and what are prayers if not declarations of hope and desire?"

Sarah Vowell, The Partly Cloudy Patriot

Looking for visual artists to interview in B.C. for the end of my Masters thesis and Google+ is the place to look. Must get back on here. It's the best place for sharing art I think.

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I'm honoured to know some very smart people. One of them is FS Michaels. Check out her recent audition for the TED Talent Search as she summarizes four years of research into four minutes.

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Man on Fire: 

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Like this series: Horizons:

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I was looking forward to using Google Circles as a way to connect with artists and creatives. I'm not sure what to do here with Google going all Darth See-Everything and Facebook-y. Any thoughts from anyone?

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Oh sure, why not? I used to struggle with one kick flip: (via
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