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Pet Euthanasia: Making a Really Tough Decision
One of the saddest movies I ever remember watching is Old Yeller . I'm sure many of you who are my age will remember sobbing through the end when the young boy has to shoot his pet dog because it has rabies. The irony is that Yeller contracted this disease ...

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She's Moving Out -- Again
T oday I’m moving my 23-year-old daughter out of
the house – again. L ike many young adults today, she moved out for
college and moved back home after graduation. Her goal of graduate school in
speech pathology didn’t go as she planned, so home she came. T ...

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A Random Act of Evil
When I was about seven
years old, I watched an old black-and-white movie called The Bad Seed . It is about a pretty little girl, Rhoda, who is a
sociopath. She can be as sweet and smooth as honey but turns into a cold-blooded
killer if she doesn’t get what ...

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I'm All In!
The older I get, the more I seem to slow down. I don’t mean the slowdown that comes with age. I mean the leisureliness
that allows me to evaluate my life. In my younger years, I rushed through everything, moving
mostly on auto-pilot. While at home, I worrie...

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Mentally Strong in 13 Steps
"Good habits are important, but it's often our bad habits that prevent us from reaching our full potential." -- Amy Morin, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do O ver the past year, I’ve been working on
making myself a better person. My earlier posts te...

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Oh, What a Night to Shine!
Drew and his best friend Michael dance and hang out with friends at Night to Shine Tallahassee. M y son Drew has always been up for a good time. He loves to eat,
dance and hang out with his friends – and believe me, he has LOTS of friends.
Recently, he got ...

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I'm Back ... or at Least I'm Trying
I  haven’t been a good blog-keeper for
over a year, having written only five posts since January 2016. My audience tells
me they miss reading my thoughts. That previous sentence makes
it sound like my audience is in the thousands. That’s hardly true, but I ...

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I Switched -- No Party Affiliation!
I have needed my husband
more this past week than probably any time since his death ten months ago. Of
course, I miss him every day and several times have caught myself wanting to
call him to discuss little and big events. My need for him
recently is becaus...

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I Have No More Excuses!
About nine weeks ago, I made
a life-altering decision. I joined WeightWatchers. Again . Actually , this may be the
tenth or twentime I’ve joined WeightWatchers. My history with this organization
is like many people who are unsuccessful: 1 .        I
stayed ...

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My Recent Reads -- The Ruth Galloway Series by Elly Griffiths
A few months ago, my friend Janice suggested a book series that she
thought I might enjoy. The author is Elly Griffith, and Janice said that the main character is a forensic archeologist in England named Ruth Galloway who works with the local police
to solv...
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