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Passage to Modernity: A review.
Note: This review was written some years ago and I no longer agree with all of my conclusions. In his book Passage to Modernity, Louis Dupré seeks to investigate the effects of the break up between both “the transcendent constituent and it’s cosmic human co...

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Heavenly Participation: A Review
Hans Boersma splits Heavenly Participation into two sections: The first is an account of how the western world unravelled the sacramental tapestry, resulting in a flattened and secularised society, in the other half he outlines what he believes is the road ...

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Movie Review: Son of God **
There is nothing worse than going to see a movie which was a theatrical release and realising, very quickly, that the movie falls squarely into the realm of TV movie.  This is the case with Son of God, a revelation which shouldn't be surprising since the or...

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Movie Review: The Gospel According to St. Matthew ****
This is part four of my "Films about Jesus" Christmas Review.  Where I try to watch as many movies (theatrical releases only) about Jesus as possible, plus review them, before Christmas hits. My introduction (along with the list I'm trying to get through) i...

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Move Review: Jesus Christ Superstar * 1/2
This is part three of my "Films about Jesus" Christmas Review. My introduction is  here . Part one was  Last Days in the Desert Part two was The Nativity Story Jesus Christ Superstar (the movie) is unique from the rest of the films I'll see in a number of w...
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