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Things sure have changed since 1841! Let's take this day to remember how far our country has come, even from only 160 years ago.

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Today is the 148th anniversary of the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment that abolished slavery.
For those who say that Lincoln was not an exceptional president, and that anyone could have done what he did and pushed through an amendment that abolished slavery, he was exceptional. If anyone could have done it, why didn't they? Most of the Founding Fathers considered slavery "a necessary evil," and decided to leave that for later generations, which they did.
Others thought and planned and debated. Abraham Lincoln acted.
The recent movie "Lincoln" is an excellent rendering of Lincoln's efforts. Watch it if you can.

Does anyone know of any reenactor opportunities in or around Delaware? I know it's probably the worst state to look, but I thought I'd ask.

Does anyone know of any reenactor opportunities in or around Delaware? It's probably the worst state to look, but I thought I'd ask.

I just saw the movie Lincoln last night, and I must say, I was impressed. they portrayed Lincoln well, as well as the regard the soldier held him in. I really enjoyed it!

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I thought this was so cool. sometimes, it feels like history was so far away from now, but close relatives may have seen or heard what we call "history."
Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness (Feb 9, 1956)
Watch it. I thought it was so cool.

Hello all. I'm Saraniesha G (You can see my profile.) I love writing! My favorite subjects are writing and anatomy. I write historical fiction, usually centered around the Civil War and involving doctors to get the medical aspect. I'm pretty limited in my writing, but my bff and I are writing a fantasy roleplay, so she's helping me branch out. I LOVE the CIVIL WAR! Yes, i am African American,and yes, i am a born again Christ-Follower, but the South's sude of te story interests me. The novel I'm working on now is about a family in Charleston, SC. I want to know more about anything about life during and around the Civil war.
I am a born again Christ-Follower, and not a Democrat, but  Christ-ocrat! ;-)
Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
PS: Thanks, +Karen Conlin for suggesting this.

I love the Civil war, as you can see on my profile. I especially love to discover little known heroes and sheroes. Two of my favorite are Robert Smalls and Susie King Taylor. The former pirated a Confederate ship and surrendered it to the Union and the latter was a spy, nurse,teacher, and a lot of other things for the 1st SC USCT unit. Both were African Americans.
Just thought I'd share that. Comment if you want to know more.
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