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Martyn Lafleur
living a great life. it did get better.
living a great life. it did get better.

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Anyone in the lower mainland of BC know of a place with a half decent number of kettlebells, like up to 30 kg or 70 lb? Goodlife is pissing me off.

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The real meaning of December 25th. 

I've taken a layoff from lifting.  IT's been about a 1.5 weeks.  the primary driver is that the small support muscles in both shoulders are VERY unhappy.  What I've done is moved to kettlebells, and the results so far are great.  It's much more aerobic, the shoulders are happier, almost pain free, and there's been a loss of a couple pounds of what I hope is fat.  I'd like to see another 25 pounds of fat gone this year.  I'm realizing that mechanically, and genetically, I am not a competition level bodybuilder.  I'm happy that I hit a 315 lb bench single, and a 315 squat triple.  Now it's about longevity, and tightening everything up a notch.

happy Christmas everyone.  Merry New Year.

I hit my final planned pr for squats yesterday.  300 lb for a set of 3.  My chiropractor is asking me to stop doing them, something about getting shorter every time I visit or something.... onto one legged workouts.

Had a pr yesterday.  Dumbell Bench Press (laying on the floor)  85 lb, 4 sets of 10.  I get a lot of strange looks doing them while laying on the floor, but, for my shoulders, you can't lower your arms past parallel, it's very easy to get them in position by hooking your legs into them, and if I loss strength, I just have to let them fall outward to avoid a calamity.  It just make a lot of sense to me to do them that way.

We live in a strange age.  Madonna doesn't shave her armpits, but all the big guys in my gym do...

Why is it that the only way to get pecs of death is to endure moobs of agony?!? chest day is done.

seeing a lot more hot bodies on this hawaii layover than usual. i guess university is out.

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Someone was asking me to show a video of what I recently mentioned about changing my workout to include mini pulses in each rep.  Can't find one, but here's what I'm talking about.  When you get to the stage in the rep shown below, back off about 6-12 inches, then go back to this stage in the rep.  That's one pulse.  2-3 pulses for each full rep.  Try it, you'll thank and hate me all at once.
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