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HMRC has published guidance on the new rules to combat the Borderline Anomalies

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I've just created a page for my business on Google+

It would be great if you added it to one of your circles, especially if you want to keep in touch as a client or contact.

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I've just created a business page on Google+

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Seems to be a great way to keep a journal.

Now I know why I work from home. I went to London for meetings today. The trip up there was fine - trains ran on time, I was where I wanted to be all in good time. The trip back was a little more difficult since there was a landslip and flooding that closed the line I would normally have used. Fortunately I was able to go a scenic route that got me home. Result!

I'm glad I was travelling before the rush hour. I feel sorry for the people who had to cope with the problems during the peak period.

Tomorrow I'm in the office all day and my wife has decided to go to her firm's local office instead of doing battle with the reduced service the train companies are offering. Same number of people just fewer trains :-(
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