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"I'd rather you hate me for everything that I am,
than love me for anything I'm not! 
It's never enough! No, it's never enough!
I'll never be what you want me to be!"

Lyric hits close to home. 
I'm Becca - part of a multiplicity system, metal head, a fowl mouthed perverted butch dyke, abrasive as fuck, and I change to please no one! Take me or leave me, that's what y'all get!

I haven't been able to front in like 2 months. I was greeted with an ice cold reception from the friend we live with. Nice, real nice.
I guess missing her was a waste of energy. Oh well.

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What I feel like doing to certain people right now
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It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm ready to punch a santa in the chestnuts.

I just wanted to go home. It's all I wanted. Maybe some year

"Let me guess, the computer died"
Der herr herr, never fucking heard that one before.

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Apparently, I walked in to a horror game that hasn't finished loading.

My slogan for New Haven...

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People are fucking stupid

+Baby Blue​, +Abby Eger

Another idea for a metal song....

"Fuck door locks! Fuck rust out! Fuck EGRs!
But I really love cars!
Fuck windshields! Fuck drainage! Fuck soggy carpet!
But I gotta have it!
Fuck exhaust pipes, and fuck that headlight,
but fixing this shit just feels so right!"

I should start a band. I could find some other lesbians, and a guy. Call it "3 Dykes (and that guy on drums)"
Our first concert would be promoted with the tag line "Yes, fine, you can watch"
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