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Better Things
On the eve of history or herstory, either way, I think it
would be nice to spend some time talking about other things.  Internet kittens. (Aw!) What I had for
breakfast.  (Isagenix, baby!) Brangelina.
(Why, God, why?!) Anything but.  No more
hate.  No more ...

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The Final Countdown
This is it!  48 painful hours until the 2016 Presidential Election is over.  Will we survive?  Will we all still be speaking? No matter the outcome, this country has a problem.  We are more divided than we are united -- at least as far as the media is conce...

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My Husband Doesn't Have a Wife
This is what I explained to my son the other night. "Your father doesn't really have a wife." Clearly, this lead to blank stares and questions.  Of course, I am his wife and he is my husband.  But, I am not his 'WIFE.' When Mommy and Daddy were growing up, ...

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Friday Nights
Friday nights are for: elastic waist pajamas Modern Family marathon* frozen dinner** box of wine leftover Halloween candy (all the Butterfingers) political debates*** good friends fuzzy dog * in the event of preemption, substitute with General Hospital on H...

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Things That Make Me Go WTF
We'll just call this part one...of an infinite series of facepalms. Empty candy wrappers in the candy bowl.  What IS that?  Is this a trash bowl or a candy bowl?  I don't store the groceries in the trash can -- why would you store your trash in with the goo...

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A Faithful Friend
This morning I stood in the bright November sun in a cemetery in Malden.  A graveside service for my husband's cousin was the occasion, for a woman taken too soon by the clutches of cancer. The pastor spoke about her life, and the lives she touched.  It was...

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The Heat Is On
Well, the heat's not exactly on in the house yet.  It's only November 1st.  But it is ON if you live in the United Divided States of America.  We are a week away from Election Day 2016.  Where the choices are between a man and (for the first time in America...

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Everything Happens for a Reason
If I was looking for a sign, this was it. In updating some broken code on my blog today, the post that I wrote to close out #NaBloPoMo suddenly appeared in the News Update ticker... And the very best sentence from that passage of Ecclesiastes is this... "A ...

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Turn, Turn, Turn
I feel like I said all there was to say last night about what comes next.  So with tonight, the last post of 2015 #NaBloPoMo I think I will leave it at this: "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven A time...

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The New Adventures of Old Kirsten
It's the next to last night of #NaBloPoMo.  30 posts, 30 days. Not sure what I've gained in skill, but I do think I have gained much in perspective. And from the posts of my fellow writer friends, the same kind of revelations have been happening for others,...
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