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Nicholas Senz
Husband, Father, Catholic, Writer.
Husband, Father, Catholic, Writer.

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Twisted Words? On Presenting the Faith Whole-Heartedly
“As far as theological views of this sort are concerned, finally,
quite a number of people have the abiding impression that the church’s faith is
like a jellyfish: no one can get a grip on it and it has no firm center. It is
on the many halfhearted interpre...

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The Changing of the Guard and the Sacred Liturgy
The summer after my 8th grade year, my class took a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. We did fundraisers all through the previous year to gather up the money to go, and as a little history buff, someone who had been able to name all the presidents since ag...

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Links to My Recent Writings Elsewhere
Howdy All! The times have been a-changin' 'round these parts of late. (Note to self: stop talking like an extra in a John Wayne film.) (Start again.) Greetings! Sorry I've been away from this space for a time. Allow me to catch you up: June 1 I started a fu...

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Links and Things: April 27, 2016
Greetings and salutations! Let's go around the horn on a few notable interests and interesting notes: My obscenely talented brother, Paul Senz, had two diaconal-themed articles up at Our Sunday Visitor this week: one on deacons doing prison ministry , and a...

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The Philosophy of Sports Debates
I was listening to local sports talk radio the other day on my way home from work, as is my wont. One of the hosts introduced a quodlibet : "Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?" The other host stepped into the fray, and promulgated his judgme...

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Recent Hits
I know there's some stiff competition out there, but I may well be the worst blogger to ever put finger to keyboard. I have all the consistency of a watery tomato soup, with none of the flavor. But I have a renewed firm purpose of amendment. I will give y'a...

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Against Heresy Hunters
There is A Certain Kind of Catholic out there that I would
designate a “Heresy Hunter.” I think once you read the description, you'll know the sort. My purpose in describing the Heresy Hunters is to help bring them to self-knowledge, that they might amend t...

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Links and Things: February 24, 2016
Let's go around the horn and look at a few points of interest.... Amy Wellborn reminds us, clearly, calmly, and rationally, that we need not get ourselves in a dither over this or that of the Holy Father's comments--and that we need not defend them, either,...

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A Reader Asks: Are Christians Entitled?
Recently I shared an article commenting on the recent mini-controversy about a tweet from Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign and the response by one pundit that appeared to betray a serious lack of knowledge of the basics of Christianity. Sen. Cruz's campaign tweeted...

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Apostles on Third and Main
This morning I drove by a storefront that looks like it would have been a music store in the 1970s. When I read the marquee, though, I discovered that this was in fact a church. Instead of the names of singers or bands, the names of the church leadership we...
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