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Allah(God)(The Self-Sufficient)

He is the One upon Whom the whole of creation relies upon in all of their needs, predicaments and necessities.
This due to His unrestricted perfection with regard to His Essence, His Names, His Attributes and His Actions.

"Say: He is Allah the One. Allah the Self-Sufficient." (112:1-2)


Allah(God)(The One)
Allah(God)(The Singular)
He is the One Who is singled out in all aspects of Perfection such that nothing else shares with Him in them.
It is obligatory upon the servants to single Him out alone in belief, saying and action by acknowledging His unrestricted perfection,
His uniqueness and singling Him out Alone for all types of worship.

"'O two companions of the prison! Are many different lords better or Allah, the One, the Irresistible?'" (12:39)

"Say: I am only a warner and there is no god except Allah the One, the Irresistible." (38:65)


Allah(God)(The Lord)

This name has been repeatedly mentioned in many verses. Ar-Rabb is the One Who nurtures and sustains all of His servants
through regulating the affairs and granting all types of favors and blessings. More specifically He is the One Who nurtures
and sustains those close to Him (awliyaa) by correcting and purifying their hearts, souls and manners. This is why their
supplications are frequently made with this Noble Name because they seek this specific nurturing.

"And your Lord is Most Forgiving, Owner of Mercy. Were He to call them to account for what they had earned then surely
He would have hastened on their punishment. But they have their appointed time beyond which they will find no escape." (18:58)


Allah(The Deity)
This iscomprehensive and inclusive of all the perfect attributes and sublimecharacteristics. Every one of thebeautiful names are included as well. Correct is the statement that the word ilaah is the root ofthe name Allah and that Allah is the name inclusive of all the beautiful names and high characteristics and attributesand Allah is the All-Knowing. "Allah theHigh and Sublime states: Verily Allah is the One and Only Deity (IlaahunWaahid). Far Exalted is Hefrom having a son and to Him belong everything in the heavens and the earth andSufficient is Allah as a Caretaker. [Soorah An-Nisaa,Aayah 171] The Holy Quran

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He is the One and Only Deity, the One Who is Worshipped and the One Who deserves to be
worshipped by the whole of His creation due to the Perfect Godly Attributes that He is described with.

"Allah! There is none worthy of worship but He, the Living, the Sustaining.
Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth.
Who is there that can intercede with Him except with His Permission? He Knows what happens to them
(His creatures) in this world and in the Hereafter. They will not encompass anything of His Knowledge except that which He Wills.
His Footstool extends over the heavens and the earth and he feels no fatigue in guarding them.He is the Most High,the Most Great.(2:25) The Holy Quran

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The only Truth Religion of The only one God

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The greatest prophet the last prophet the prophet Muhammed
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