Full Genomes Corporation: has launched a test that is a full sequence of the Y chromosome yielding 28,000 snps and 300+ STRs (356 in my sample) for $1299 now and $1500 after the expiration of the special. We also provide approximately 99% coverage of the MTDNA sequence as a byproduct of the Full Y chromosome sequence. Consumers can receive their STR and SNP data alone, or in addition they can receive all of their raw data including the .bam files. I might note that this is the first direct to consumer full sequence of the Y chromosome available anywhere in the world. Previously, such a sequencing was only available in academic studies, such as by Dr. Page of MIT. Now, consumers have direct access to their raw data, and, if they wish, can explore it themselves. My data along with Jamal Kussads, is available as a public download on our website: We can also answer additional questions directly at 

The team:
Justin Loe, CEO
Leon Kull, Director Data Analysis
Greg Magoon, contractor, analysis of .bam files and quality control

Leon Kull created with his collaborator HIRsearch:

We have additional collaborators at BGI, in Hong Kong:

BGI is our sequencing provider. They are able to sequence the Y chromosome at 50x coverage with a read length of 100 bp. 

Additionally, we have a variety of people in the community who have been giving us feedback, such as Ray Banks, Vince Tilroe, Wayne Kauffman and others (though my listing them here should not imply that they endorse our work). 

We have other investors and collaborators involved or prospectively involved in our work.

I have been developing this project since December 2011, and also benefited from consultations with a variety of other individuals in the community who may come forward if they wish to do so.

My involvement in genetic genealogy dates back to 2006. I have been tested at 23andme, Decodeme, FTDNA, AncestrybyDNA (now defunct), Genelex, as well as have participated in academic genetic studies. Currently, I have been enrolled in a Master's program in Bioinformatics thru Johns Hopkins via their distance education program. I also have graduate work in psychology, neuroscience, and have collaborated with researchers on EEG neurocognitive studies at Virginia Tech.

My Y chromosome sequence is now publicly downloadable at our demo site, as is my mtdna sequence. My 23andme data is downloadable at Likewise, additional information can be found at my linkedin profile under Justinallenloe.

I was a poster on dna-forums (now defunct) with > 5,000 posts, and now on the new forums as well. In the course of this project I have corresponded with the leading scientists at BGI and we approached teams at Knome, Decodeme, as well as others.

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