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Professional USB Duplication Service -
Sometimes you have to give a bunch of files and documents stored on a USB to a bunch of people all at once. However, those files and documents are too big to send by email and it will waste too much time and paper printing them all out. The easiest solution is to transfer those files to other...
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Transferring Home Movies From VHS to DVD -
Everybody remembers watching home videos on VHS when they were kids. Since then, technology has come a long way and the DVD disc is replacing the VHS tape. You can put more movies on a DVD than a VHS tape and they are more durable as well. It is also easier to send a DVD in the mail to share...
#vhstodvd #movies #memories

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Photo Scanning Done Professionally -
With the rise of smartphones, digital photography has never been more popular. However, some of the most precious photos families have aren’t ones that are digitalized, it’s older physical photos that are the most prized ones. Unfortunately, many of those photos remain packed away...
#Memories, #PhotoScanning, #Photos

Stop Waiting, Start Saving with Video Tape Conversion…/
Unlike the hit Rolling Stones song, unfortunately, time is not on your side when it comes to any and all tapes. It’s easy to put off these things because most folks feel like they still have time. However, believe it or not, the average VHS tape, even if kept in perfectly good conditions, only last about 20 years!

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Blu-Ray Duplication Service
Do you have something on a Blu-Ray disc that needs to be duplicated? Do you need many copies made in a short period of time? Come down to Replicopy and we will help you with your Blu-Ray duplication needs.

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Four Reasons to Transfer Your Home Movies to DVD
Technology is changing all the time. But don’t let your memories fade away with old technology! Home movie transfers are simple, inexpensive and useful. If that alone is not enough to convince you to preserve your memories, here are four more good reasons.

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Video Transfer by a Professional
There are over 60 different videotape formats; all of them are obsolete. The videotape playback equipment is no longer made, and existing equipment is failing. It’s time to convert your videotape archives to digital video files. It also makes them more accessible and easier to publish online. #video #tape #transfer

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USB, Video, And Printing Services
Here at Replicopy, we offer many services for your media needs. Three of them include our USB services, video services, and printing services. #usb #video #printing

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Professional Video Editing Service for Home Movie Transfers…/
Whether you are compiling your family movies or transferring corporate training videos, video editing is an essential step in creating a finished project. Video editing can make or break a film of any kind, and this is where using a professional video editing service is beneficial. #video #editing #homemovies

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Audio Preservation: Beyond MP3
For most people, digital audio and MP3 are the same. Actually, though, MP3 is an old format with some serious limitations, and it’s not the best choice for preservation of high-quality recordings.
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