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Brilliant nerd humor! Finally, an explanation for the folk music that plays from my computer every time I call a sort function.

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Solar power has now reached parity with other forms of energy

FTA: To be clear, this review of solar photovoltaic LCOE is not one of those “if coal and nuclear paid for the real harm they do” analyses. It is a hard look at the actual numbers.

And what the research shows is that Solar is already cheaper than the grid in many places and it will only continue to get cheaper. Anyone who says solar is not an economically viable solution is wrong.

Here's two articles on the research.

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Go to Google and search for "do a barrel roll".

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just ran across this amazing image of Enceladus in latest Cassini ISS release, wonder if it was ever released as PR image..

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fire fire

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Scrapbook! Sort of like a pseudo-portfolio, frozen in time...
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An arcade video game console you can drive!

Bored with your commute? How about an Outrun arcade game-slash-golf cart that uses augmented reality to convert video into game environment? As you drive around in the "game," you also drive around in the real world.

Sounds like fun to play, but according to the creator, "it's quite scary to drive."

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Adrenaline rush, just by watching!
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