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SQL Injection in Frappe Framework
During a university project Fabin Ullrich and I discovered a SQL Injection vulnerability in the open source web framework frappe ( ). The issue was fixed within one day after contacting the maintainer (fixed version: 2.1.28)...

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Join the beta program for RF Analyzer
It took me quite some time to get the new RF Analyzer version done (I had a lot of other things going on, mainly studying on my master..). Now I want to continue to release new versions more continuously again and therefore I started a beta program to ensur...

What do you guys think about battery life of the LG G Watch R after the 5.1.1 update? I got the update on Monday and since then I noticed that I would only get about 30h out of the GWR. Before the update I could wear it for 2 days (>50h) without problems. I didn't change my habits, nor did I install a ton of new apps.

I think I am going to factory reset the watch and see if it goes back to normal. Did any of you experience something similar? Btw I have had Google Fit deactivated since I got the watch. I am using tilt to wake and the new gestures! I'm on always on and brightness is at maximum.

Thanks for all your comments!

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+SurvivalTech Nord reviewed my RF Analyzer App!

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Wear Network Notifications: My first Android Wear App
After owning a Android Wear device (more specific: a LG G Watch R) for some months now, I finally started my first little Wear project! It's a small app called "Wear Network Notifications" and it's available for free on Google Play (and GitHub ) as of today...

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The End :)
Gerade sitze ich im Flugzeug zurück nach Frankfurt und muss noch etwas Zeit tot schlagen :) Also gibts doch noch einen letzten Blog.. Außerdem habe ich ja seit dem ersten Blog über die Unterschiede von Deutschland und Kanada (Differences Part 1) nichts mehr...

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So jetzt habe ich noch eine Woche hier in Kanada und bin schon ziemlich in Aufbruchstimmung ;) Freue mich schon alle wieder zu sehen.. Letztes Wochenende bin ich spontan mit Ben (Mitarbeiter bei Tofino Security) und nem Kumpel von ihm zum Whistler gefahren ...

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Calgary & Rocky Mountains
Diesen Donnerstag habe ich zusammen mit meinem Chef, Eric Byres, einen Vortrag auf der diesjährigen Electrical Power and Energy Conference (IEEE EPEC) über das Thema meiner Bachelorthesis gehalten: "Securing IEC 60870-5-104 by using Deep Packet Inspection t...

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Ich war hier in Kanada ja schon ein paar Mal golfen (oder besser: ich war einmal golfen und ein paar Mal Pitch'n'Put spielen). Paul, Dee, Olli und ich waren letzten Samstag nochmal (vermutlich der letzte schöne Tag) und dieses Mal hatte ich endlich die Kame...

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Performance optimizations of the demodulation code of RF Analyzer
When I started implementing AM and FM demodulation for the RF Analyzer, I first built a receiver in GNU Radio Companion and then tried to rebuild it in Java. The basic blocks in the receiver are pretty simple and soon I had working code. But I had to recogn...
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