Tune into Thermal Soundwaves show tonight, 12 am (ET), 9 pm (PT), on WHCR 90.3 FM, live online: www.whcr.org, featuring Creativeprenuer Chris Walker who’s work includes stints at Marvel and DC Comics and illustration duties for Ghostface Killah’s graphic novel CELL BLOCK Z. He further honed his artistic chops by crafting artwork for Sony Pictures, Adidas, and Virgin Records, and hip-hop staples like P-Diddy, Eminem, and KRS-1. A storyteller at heart, Chris moved his artistic insights from the page to the screen with independent film projects that caught the attention of Mtv and Wired.com. Craving new challenges, Chris shifted his creative focus to the advertising industry and worked as a Creative Director, using his penchant for story to develop campaigns for brands like AT&T, McDonald’s, Miller/Coors, and Honda.Find out more tonight LIVE. Call in live 212-650-6903, tweet @thermalsoundwav +Raychelle LeBlanc

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