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I just realized I don't have enough time to get powerful enough or famous enough to be invited onto the Jon Stewart show.  :(

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Been working on a project to incrementally improve the performance of a WordPress site.  A recent focus has been on SEO related items (sitemaps, microformat/microdata, etc)...and I found this link to be especially useful for understanding microdata.  I thought I'd share it.

WebStorm question: is there a way to treat directories as excluded from search/indexing in the IDE by default using patterns/filters?

For example, I rarely find any reason to have node_modules included in the index for search, etc.  I'd rather remove the exclusion than have to add it every time.  There are times I don't want the exclusion...but those are rare for me.

In my continuing tests to see if I can "work in the cloud", I tried Koding out again.  I am VERY impressed with the improvements they have made in the past year.  It is fast, stable, and is generally fun to use.  I liked it enough I paid for a subscription.  Compared to a few others out there, I think it's currently the most stable and responsive...

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While not the most amazing thing, I wrote a Yeoman Generator for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate.  It prompts for the basic plugin info then sets up the plugin directory, classes, etc.  It's based upon the 2.6.2 boilerplate.   If you already use Yeoman/Grunt/Node and write plugins off the boilerplate, this might be handy.

After reading several StackOverflow questions this morning, I've realized  "did you try npm cache clean?" is the npm/node equivalent of "have you tried turning it off and on again?" 

Writing technical specs can be tedious.  Proof-reading technical specs? Guaranteed.

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