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Interesting heaters I found in my reading.
Looks to be perfect for heated beds. Very even heat over the entire surface.
Heating element is basically carbon fiber.

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For those looking at quick disconnects for hot-ends, ATI Industrial Automation has quick-changers for industrial robots.  The smallest ones have some good ideas.

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Has anyone here experience with the Nscrypt products?
Interesting ideas in their FDM extruder.
Thoughts and criticisms of the design?

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Is it sad that I recognize the place by the glass support structure?

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Anybody have info on the Glowforge laser cutters?

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If anyone is looking for a very good scanner (metrology grade), this came up on Boeing surplus.
0.001" accuracy, even on shiny surfaces.
Weighs over a half ton...(sigh).. I need more room in my shop....
Not sure I can convince SWMBO, so someone else here may have the budget.  Item is located in Kent, WA.

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After talking with SteveG about the method, I had to go try spin-welding a screw to a hard steel ball.
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