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Allen Huffman
Jack of many creative trades, including boring tag lines.
Jack of many creative trades, including boring tag lines.

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In 1985, a new game was advertised by Prickly-Pear Software for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer: DR. WHO Here is the ad found on page 68 of the the December 1985 issue, typos and all: As a kid who had watched Doctor Who on the local PBS station in…

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NOTE: This is a work-in-progress. Check back for updates. I will note any revisions at the top of this article. Cyclone CoCo – Roger Taylor’s FPGA CoCo on a Chip In July 2015, Roger Taylor began the process of recreating a CoCo 3 system in an FPGA (field…

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Now workin without the crystal. This is using a Teensy and one of the pins to generate a 4mhz signal. I will post a video in coming days, hopefully, as soon as I have some CoCo BASIC code talking to it. The green and black wires running off of it wold go…

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NOTE: This is a minor update of an article (“PCLEAR 0 to get more CoCo BASIC memory“) that originally appeared on my website in January 2015. On the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, Extended Color BASIC added new commands to access high resolution…

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This would make a very bad ring tone.

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NEW “PRODUCT” ANNOUNCEMENT The team that brought you* the CoCoPilot DriveWire Server is proud to announce their latest innovation: “Sir Sound” Sir Sound is a solid-state multi-voice audio synthesizer that operates over a serial transport mechanism**. It…

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Well, here we go again with a few more tidbits from comments to a previous installment… Lowercase to Uppercase John Klassek once again provides some interesting tips. He looked at my Building a Better BASIC Input article example: 30 LN=INSTR(“YyNn”,A$):IF…


Radio Shack: We are closing 185 stores.

Media #1: Radio Shack closing 200 stores.

Media #2: Radio Shack closing 200+ stores.

Close enough.

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xkcd: Listening


Shared under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

Credit: Randall Munroe


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You may have never heard of the Texas Instruments SN76489, but if you are reading this article, there’s a good chance you have heard it. The SN76489 is a sound chip which, according to the Wikipedia entry, was used in systems such as: ColecoVision (and…
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