May LSM @ Tri-Cities, WA
My 16yo daughter and I enjoyed a beautiful morning along the Columbia River for our first ever LSM #Trikke Ride. I was riding my T12 Roadster and my daughter had it easy, riding the battery powered Pon-e hybrid Trikke. We started at the end of Columbia Point Drive in Richland at 10am and rode along the Riverfront Trail up to the 5.0 mile mark above Snyder Street. The riverfront is pretty in the morning and not too crowded. We passed through 3 city parks, Columbia Point Marina Park, Howard Amon Park, and Leslie Groves Park.

Here are the stats:
- Total distance: 10.99 mi
- Total time: 1:22
- Moving time: 1:13
- Average speed: 7.9 mi/h
- Average moving speed: 9.0 mi/h
- Max speed: 16.5 mi/h
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