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3 weeks in on MeWe. Still zero Nazi's. Still hoping to find one or even an alt-Right Orc so I can poke 'em in the eye with a 10 foot pole. Zero luck thus far. Maybe I should kick back and WILL them into existence.

some day, I want to play with +Noah Stevens running and +Erik Jensen playing.

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A couple years back I asked +byron rempel if I could use his art on a beer cap. He said sure but I didn't brew beer again for 2 years. I always wanted to make a special brew for those caps but didn't. And today, I had to cap beer and ran out of normal caps. So here's this little zombie, sitting there looking awesome. Mocking me to make a zombie brew. You just never know where life will take you.

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Sure, I'm in Denver but I'll use any excuse to fire up the smoker  7# of wings, dry rubbed and slow cooked 

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Roughly 3 years ago I launched Mithril and Mages with little direction.  Today, it has over 50,000 unique visitors per month.   The one thing I did that bridges across writers, game players, and curiosity seekers is the City Name Generator.     

I suck at names so I made my life easy.  Now it has a life of its own.   

+Google+  could you provide an "All Circles" button in addition to your "All".   The former should be what I want to see rather the latter being your filtered beliefs of what I might be interested in.   

Unless you want to be Facebook.   Where I can only see what you choose for me.  

I'm specifically here to see each and everything the people I chose, choose to post. I want everything they do or did.   I do not want it filtered.  I want them, crazy, awesome, amazing, or tired.   I chose them.   

Screw algorithms.  

Stop choosing for me.  It is annoying.  

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Finally finished my automated, over-sized, redneck cat feeder for the barn cats.  Little bit of welding, little wood work, and a token amount of programming and electronics was involved.   

Been getting a bunch of new circles.   Just to make you reconsider, I'm anti-social, chaotic, and easily annoyed.  I don't post much.   When I do, its generally gaming materials of some such nature.  If you can live with that....

Why is it that people just want to be argumentative and exploit everything?  It is not simply an Internet response.   People identify with being someone who argues even when they don't disagree with the premise.  That attitude is  so foreign to me.   

Woot!   Finally a good pop-up reminder on the calendar.   Time to bottle my caramel apple mead.   It has been bulk aging for six months.   I'll get a sample amid the bottling process.   I'm hoping its drinkable by the October time frame. 
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