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Photos taken while walking around downtown Sonoma.
Sonoma, July 26th
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Krita is a real gem of a program.  I almost always use it when I'm doing digital drawing or painting.  I just pledged €25.

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I went on a hike at some of the wetlands outside town on Friday and took a few shots.
2013-12-20 Sonoma Wetlands
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One of the things touched on at the meet-up was the issue of low level players having trouble getting AP.  One idea yellow7 brought up was to do what I know some other communities have done and designate an area as a low level area and not level portals in that area.  This might work but it there is the problem of keeping people informed about that area, which could be difficult.

Another idea might be to just, as higher level players, leave portals mostly un-deployed.  A portal with one high level resonator doesn't make as tempting a target as a fully deployed portal;  I know I'm more likely to go after a fully deployed one at least.  This would give low level players and opportunity to get AP, and higher level players would still get AP for taking down fields or making fields with already deployed portals.  Of course this isn't ideal either as I think we all like to make fields when we can...

Thoughts?  How can we best make our local game fun for low level players without compromising it too much for high level players?

One of the reasons for putting this community together was to facilitate a potential cross-faction meetup.  I've met a few Enlightened members in the field, but I think a group event somewhere could be fun.  Seems like Santa Rosa would probably be the place to do this if it happens.  Anyone have thoughts on this?

I'm opening this community in the interest of fostering a more general Ingress community in Sonoma County.  As both the Enlightened and Resistance in our county grow in numbers, it seems prudent that we create a better cross-faction dialog than we currently have.  I hope that this community will help maintain an amicable relationship between factions by serving as a common ground for Sonoma County Ingress players to discuss the game and for planning potential cross-faction meetups.

Also, as this is intended to be a cross-faction community I would like to have moderators from both factions.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.

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Another portrait done in Krita.

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I've been enjoying the game and felt like making some Ingress art.

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Other than art, I've been working on a utility for generating banners showing statistics for users and teams who participate in Folding@home.  I'm not a folder myself but some online friends wanted something more customizable than the defaults they had access to and approached me.  It sounded interesting enough to me and I wanted to get some more experience with Haskell, so I built this program.  It's still sort of a work in progress, but it is mostly done.
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