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Does the noise in my head bother you?
Does the noise in my head bother you?

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Personalized Bujo - I use a simple grid composition book for my bujo.  I just couldnt see spending the $$ on a journal book and like the ability to bend the spine all the way back that you get on the composition books.

I keep to the simple original symbols for the key.  Easy to remember what they stand for day to day.

My bujo is 99% for work, I only add notes for personal if I need to remember to get something done during the workday/week.  It comes home with me always as you never know what you may remember that something needs to get done (dang, need to ask the boss man about the thing...)

What I did do is spend a small amount (under $10) for fabric and made myself a cover.  Im a barely sew but figured I could brain this out and shocker - I think it looks pretty darn good.  Ive got two small pockets in the front, book marks and when this book is filled up and can get another one from the dollar store and carry on.

For those who love sticky notes and that jazz, stay away from the cutsy crap at Target.  The stuff I have shown in the pockets are some of those and they dont stick for anything.  So if its something you want to stay noted, use the fun paper tape, different color pen, highlighter or actual sticky notes from 3M.

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Adding that Im glad there is an elected official who has no problem being clear in print why he is turning down something like this.

“This is me letting the taxpayers of Boston know where we stand on the Olympic bid and where we stand on the guarantee – that I will not sign a document that puts one dollar of taxpayers’ money on the line for one penny of overruns for the Olympics,” the mayor said."
Boston ends bid for 2024 Olympic games

+The Boston Globe There will be no Boston Olympics in 2024, according to two officials close to the discussions.

“The discussions are about how to sunset it,” the official said.

*Read more:*

Follow updates on this story from BreakingNews here:

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Wish I could have participated in a gathering yesterday but life took over.  No knitting in public for me but I did break out a project and added a few rows

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This is not logical!

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Totally agree with this review.  Marley coffee is delicious.  Give the Decaf a try as well.  "Simmer Down" doesnt have the after taste that some decaf has.

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Question of the day: Could you please tell me which is more more common in our Galaxy: white dwarfs or black holes? Why?

Answer: The answer is that we don't know. Certainly when we look at our galaxy we see mostly stars, many many stars. So at first you might think that since it is common for stars to end their lives as white dwarfs, slowly cooling off forever, that there might be more white dwarfs than black holes in the Milky Way. However, we have to remember that data suggests a huge sphere of dark matter around the Milky Way, matter that we cannot see in any wavelength we've looked so far but which is detectable through its gravitational effects. We don't know what this dark matter is made of, it could be made of either white dwarfs or black holes, some combination of both, or neither. So, we can't answer your question yet!

It seems that the contents of the Milky Way and of the universe itself are very mysterious! Some related material on dark matter is available at

We have a lot of information on white dwarfs on the Chandra web pages:

and also on black holes:

Using our search button within the chandra pages will turn up even more information, questions from other people, multimedia information, and more.

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Weekend progress on Bamboo stitch cowl.  Had about 4-6 rows as of Friday. Now over 26 and have a bunch more to go til the end of the skein.


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Ive been busy this month :)

And I hunkered down and learned how to cable today!  Fun stitch.  Frustrating at times, but fun.
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