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I got monkeyed on St. Kitts, during JoCo Cruise 2015.

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So, the guy I've been working with for 18 years is running as an Independent for Governor of KY.

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OK, so I've been neglecting G+ but I did at least need to mention this bit of upcoming downtime for the Fark crowd:

Ok the RiffTrax for Breaking Dawn 1 was f'ing outSTANDing but WHAT. THE. BLOODYsuccubusCGbaby. HELL. is WRONG with Stephanie Meyer

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I for one welcome our new nanobot overlords (via Jonathan Coulton and Adam Savage)

Friday Friday Friday! (Oops, I seem to have been neglecting G+ lately.)

Does the "S" in iPhone 4S stand for "Steve"? No? Well, it does now.

Heading to TX to help my sister move this weekend. DFW Thurs night, Austin Fri afternoon, and probably Houston some time after that (depending on how long things take in Austin). Drinks?
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