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Education Added With Values

Modern education has separated the child from God. It is sad, but true. Schools are not imparting spiritual education to children to mould them into ideal human beings and good citizens of tomorrow to let them understand the divine scheme of things. Modern education is in fact making the child ungodly. That is the reason why the younger generation today is indulging in anti social activities of most heinous nature. For showing right path to the child spiritual education is essential in schools. Little Angels High School has already made a humble beginning by including the Junior Youth Empowerment Program & Peace Education Program for the students. By doing so we hope that we shall be able to wean  the  children  away  from  the wrong  path  in which  they have  unfortunately  landed themselves for lack of spiritual education.

Education must uncover the ultimate aim of life. There are conflicts and confrontations everywhere. Families and societies are being affected in the under-current  of these  confusions. Parents and teachers are equally responsible for the cause of child's darkness. Environment at home and school is making a child's life miserable. Current education imparted in schools is making children de motivated and rudderless. One goes to school to shape one's life. The source of inspiration for the child should be ideally suited. The three sources of knowledge i.e. Home, School and Society should play positive roles in shaping the future of the child. Money is needed to run a school. But opening a school only to make money is not the right thinking. To keep children in darkness is a crime. Schools should be considered as light house of society.  But this lighthouse is being turned into a house of darkness. Aim of education should be to serve the humanity. Education having no aim of serving mankind  is meaningless. Education is a medium that seeks positive change in the society and, therefore, it should inspire children to serve the society for its amelioration. 90% of the capacity of a human brain remains unutilized. This is because of the lack of facilities to develop the abilities of the child. Therefore there is need for creating an environment in which children get better opportunities to utilize their talents and abilities. In the school, a child should feel happy and not scared. Parents see children as prospective earning members and do not hesitate hence try to infuse unhealthy ethos in them. Current disorganized education is the root cause of all ills of the society.

Education should be such that it must enhance analytical abilities and self-confidence of a child. We must give a serious thought how to make education meaningful to develop inner talents and abilities of a child and enable him to distinguish between good and bad. Today's education is creating confusion among students. Good education not only develops self-confidence to face the challenges of life but also enables the child to realize his goal. There is no better religion than to do good to others and there is no better compassion than considering others' troubles as one's own True education shows the right path to the child True education consists in teaching the child to become virtuous in both thought and action. Moral and spiritual regeneration springs from true education. A morally and spiritually conscious child will not indulge in crimes nor will he treat others with contempt. Love, compassion and universal brotherhood will mark the style of his living. He will become a catalyst of social change. He will keep the society clean and not let it accumulate the evils that have made life miserable today. When a father builds a house for his sons he would like the house to be kept clean. He will feel happy if his sons maintain cleanliness. He will feel pained if his sons make it dirty. Similarly God feels pained when his creations cause miseries. Education has therefore a new role to play. It has to do a cleaner's job to build a new clean and vibrant global society in which everyone enjoys equal rights as a member of one happy and peaceful mankind.

Divine truth should be revealed to students in school: Divine truth should be revealed to students in school to let them distinguish between right and wrong. Definition of true education must be clear to students before they begin learning. Their goal will become clearer once they have realized what is right or what is wrong.

Education should make the child a complete  human being The aim of education must be to make the child a true human being who would consider himself as a member of the entire humanity and not as a member of his own community,. religion or nation. A child brought up in the ethos of good education will not fight, will not indulge in criminal activities nor will he be inclined towards the wrong path. The school has a major role to play in character-building of a child. Good education inspires the child to become a good human being. A child is a small brick in the social edifice of humanity. Meanwhile family and society will also have to change themselves in order to set a positive example to the child since family and society are also schools where a child learns many thing as tools of growing up. Meaningful education is the right means through which a child's character can be shaped in the desired manner.

Peace Education in Schools Fortunately more people are c1amouring for peace today. People have become  sick of wars. Wars have not solved the problems of the humanity. Rather wars  have aggravated the problems. It appears the time is ripe when children must be educated to make the world a peaceful place. Universal brotherhood, co-existence and unity of mankind must constitute the fundamental teachings in schools. Children must be told about the magnitude of devastations caused by wars in the world. They should be taught in such a way that they may feel disgusted with wars as a means of solving problems between nations. More and more opportunities should be provided to children to meet children of other continents and nationalities. Once they come to understand that human needs and feelings are common then they would learn to live in peaceful co-existence. Therefore peace education must form an important component of curriculum in the schools today.


It is needless to say that education alone can bring about a positive social change. Educationists of the world should sit together to chalk out a comprehensive plan for a new education policy for the entire world. Uniform pattern of education in the whole of the World would further accelerate the unification of the world.

Little Angels School students  get   opportunities  for global  inter-mingling.  Our school children participate at competitions held internationally every year. They get to inter-mingle with children there and make friends. Mutual exchanges between them go on to building feelings of international brotherhood. In our own small way we are trying to sow the seeds of universal brother hood  and universal understanding  among children with the hope that they will learn to live in peaceful co­ existence with others. Our aim may be utopian, but every big idea sounds utopian in the beginning. Wasn't the idea of landing of man on moon utopian?  Neil Armstrong ultimately land on moon.....!!!!

Believe us our dream of world unity and world peace will also come true, one day, which is not far away.

Tina Olyai
Director LAHS
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