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From: ℒσri® ^_^ 
Spreading the Love
90 Day Commitment Contest
A great way to Invest in Yourself!
This contest will be open to anyone who purchases TRIMdown Fiber Plus and who is able to participate based on State and International contest laws. This is merely OPTIONAL and not a requirement to participate.
In other companies who offer a weight loss product, some of them offer challenges where they give away prize money to people who lose the most amount of weight in a give time period. Our concept is different and more geared to a one-on-one experience. This is not a competition or a challenge; this is an opportunity to personally commit to 90 days of effort and personal accountability. The minimal $15 is affordable to most, and enough incentive to get a fantastic reward for your efforts!
Here is the explanation of the 90 Day Commitment Contest...
If you choose to participate in the contest, you will pay an entrance fee of $15, which is a one time fee and acts as your fee to enter the contest.
You will commit to taking the New and Awesome TRIMdown Fiber Plus product for 90 days. During this time, you will be required to submit photos of yourself during the 90 days at certain time intervals. Requirements will be be also to show the actual date, suggested examples will accompany contest rules.
At the completion of your 90 days, if you lose 15 pounds or more (minimum is 15 pounds), you will win a prize of $2 per pound lost. So if you lose 15 pounds, you will win $30. If you lose 20 pounds, you win $40, and so forth.
We are SO EXCITED about the Weight Loss Commitment Contest!!! I know we will have HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of winners!!!
Join Now!
Be a part of something wonderful...
This is a brand new company: TrimDownGlobal -the weight loss supplement is still in the making; fiber plus!! It is "free" to sign up as an affiliate in TrimDownGlobal
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There's "never" a mandatory fee or bottle purchase to be an Affiliate.
For more great recipes, motivation and fun join our FREE group

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My first harvest from my gardens  :)
My Gardening 2014
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