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Squeaking Fucking Clean
Alright, so I've been keeping up on the Clean Reader app controversy raging in the writing world right now, and at this point, I'm ready to thrown in my opinion. The Clean Reader app, for those who haven't heard (and what rock have you been under?), is an a...

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The Human Rainbow--Video Edition
I did not make this video, the lovely people from did. But it is a beautiful and touching way to express the same things I wrote about. Give it a watch, you'll love it.

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"Say What?" Chaotic Stinking
(Seen in actual published novels. !!!) "She entered the fray, reeking havoc all over the place." Who knew chaos and ass-whipping smelled so damn bad? And to think one person could be the cause of all the foul odors is, well astounding. Perhaps our character...

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The Human Rainbow
The human rainbow; that glorious world of the diversity of the human race. I'm talking about more than just skin color here--religion, culture, style, all of it. The many different ways in which we express ourselves, keep our faith (or lack of, in the case ...

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Freedom of Speech Does Not Equal Freedom From Consequences
If you haven't heard, Elton John and Dolce & Gabbana are having a bit of a feud . This is because Dolce & Gabbana publicly stated that they didn't believe in "synthetic" children produced by IVF, and further stated that gay people shouldn't raise kids. Elto...

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Your Rights End Where Mine Begin
Right, so there's a ton of stuff that's been going through the courts--like gay marriage, contraception coverage, and abortion rights, to name a few--whose "conflict" hinges on one single thing--religious belief. If it wasn't for the religious belief aspect...

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Know-It-Alls are Assholes
I got rather jacked over this article last year, but decided to let it go because I had other things to worry about. But then I came across it again, and got jacked all over again. So now I'm saying something about it. I'm sure the author of this article ha...

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Don't Be That Author
Look, I'm all for writing what you love. YA, romance, fantasy, erotica, mystery, a combination of those, whatever. Definitely write what drives you, write what you have a passion for. Stay in one genre, branch out to others, invent your own, go for it!  But...

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That's how I feel, in so many ways. Every day is a struggle, every day is a new round of weird symptoms and fighting to keep going. Every day is another day of pain, another day of crushing fatigue, another day of wondering when, and if, this is ever going ...

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Pets are People
So, today I read another horrifying story  about people's pets that breaks my heart. In this case, about 40 dogs have gone missing from a county in Texas over the span of a few months. Theories about what's happening vary, but in my humble opinion, dogfight...
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