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Simple Life Abundant Life
Experiencing true joy through faith, food, and family.
Experiencing true joy through faith, food, and family.

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This is how our family does bone broth!
#realfood   #bonebroth   #healingfoods  

My friend is throwing us a Jamberry adoption fundraiser. If you are in the market for some cute nail wraps for back to school or just for fun I would love if you purchased through this link and chose "Nichols Family Adoption" at checkout. We are getting 30% of the proceeds.

Have you ever tried Jamberry?

#jamberry #adoption #fundraising 

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This is something I'm very passionate about - why I think everyone should care about eating real food.

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Here is a post I wrote to honor the Real Dad. You are a world changer.  Thank you!

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I have got a treat for you today! This recipe was born out of desperation and is a great way to have a sweet, real food drink (or slushy) on hand for those impromptu summer evening hang outs.

#diy   #refinedsugarfree   #honeysweetened   #summer  

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It's already reaching 100 degrees where I live and so I'm all about making dinners that don't heat up the kitchen. Here's my latest creation - it's quite a smorgasbord of ingredients, but very tasty!

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Ever since I found out I have an autoimmune disease, I've been turning to the Bible to see what it has to say about my symptoms - specifically extreme fatigue. Here are the verses that bring me the most encouragement.

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I learned a lot from being a teacher, but I never imagined that what I learned in the classroom would help my parenting skills.  Here is one quick way I learned how to reduce tantrums:

#parentingtips  #tantrums #toddler 
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