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How the heck do I add an app icon to the homescreen? Long pressing on an icon in the app drawer doesn't give me the option to do so...

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I'm just getting started with KLWP and in was wondering the best way to hide the app drawer shortcut and also stop the "window" animation appearing when swiping left or right when you have one screen only?

I'm on CM12s , using the stock launcher (trebuchet possibly?)

I am unable to get debugging to work on my Chromecast. I can start the custom receiver from my test app, but when I try to access the debugging, using the IP  and port 9222, I get a very simple "Web page not available" message in my browser.

What reasons are there for the debugger not working? How can I resolve this, as I really need to use it!

I'm looking to make casting easier from my app. I'd like to create me own dialog, showing the media routes, so a user can select and cast to a specific route with one click, rather then the typical "connect to the route, then cast your media etc"

Currently I am using the CCL library, but can anyone point me to a good resource on how to go about scanning for media routes, and displaying them in my own list?

Has anyone had any thoughts on auto-casting?

I understand it won't be possible from the Chromecast end, but what about apps auto-casting when it finds an available route?

Is there an example of who to create a custom Media Route dialog, like what is used in the LocalCast app?

Using the Android sample apps from GitHub, when you select "Disconnect" from the Media Router dialog, it closes the receiver app. I can easily disable this, BUT, apps like LocalCast on Android have two options - "Exit App" and "Disconnect".

How can I achieve this type of custom dialog?

How can I deal with casting to multiple Chromecasts from Chrome?

For example, I need to be able to select Chromecast A and cast some content to it, then once thats running, connect to Chromecast B and cast either the same content, or different content.

The Google Cast extension seems to struggle with this and often time will cast my content to the device listed first.
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