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Still can't get the phone to post photos to public.

Because the presents on order still have not arrived, and because of REASONS, the Bearded Guy and I spent Valentine's Day putting up the lights in the kitchen.
At last!
(Then, I sent him out with a visiting friend for the evening. Yup, that is how we spend Valentine's Day. hahahah! But today? Half-price chocolate? I may be sending him to the store)

Nearly 2 months, we now have kitchen lights. And a fridge! (Finally got that 2 weeks ago.)

Still need: bookshelves, new bed, balcony slats (don't ask, I'll post that another time) and a hallway light.

One tiny, slow step at a time.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!

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My phone doesn't like posting to G+ anymore. At least, not to public.
So fine... I'll do it this way.

The L-shaped rod is up!

Not thrilled, exactly - I have used a screw plus glue in each mounting bracket and we'll see. It's not perfect. Plus, I don't own a small saw (!?) to shorten the rod just a couple of centimeters.

But at this point, we can shower instead of staying low in the tub or splashing the whole bathroom.
And yes, that's two different shower curtains. Because we're fun that way.

The electrician was just here.
Evidently, older wall switches can fail. You know the place where you slap the wall to turn on the light? Well, those get old. And sometimes, you won't notice this. But according to this guy, older switches that suddenly deal with LED lights are more prone to decide they've had enough.

Something about the amount of electricity drawn by the older bulbs being high enough to not have a return amount coming back to the wall to buzz. But the LEDs don't pull enough, so there is feedback in the form of buzzing and sparks.

AND - he pulled out the old switch and installed a new one without turning off the power to the wall. You know, I would be scared to do that. All the power off, first, folks!

But he checked the other wall switches and said we should be fine to put in the rest of the lights.
Wow. What you learn when watching the pros at work.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!
Today, I have a hot date with a hammer drill. Just as soon as my eyes are actually open and the coffee has done its job in making me awake enough to handle a power tool. I'm tired of waiting. I'm going to drill some holes.
Do you have plans today?
And when does DIY (do it yourself) become CAP (call a pro) for you?

So tell me, folks. Have any of you ever designed and built your dream home?
I'm curious because while I do love downtown apartment life, the idea of having a place that I have built "from the ground up" and set up "right the first time" really appeals to me.

Especially with all the boxes still under my desk.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!
I'm not ready to price the market, but I am ready to start the research. Have you ever had someone else do all the work?

Too early on a Tuesday. At least, I think it's Tuesday.

Still don't have the shower curtain rod up. Still don't have proper holes drilled. Still don't have all the work done.

I believe there is a sense of being bored with this project.

Working on coffee number two. We'll see if my ambition grows with this second cup.
How's your day starting/ending?


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This is the back of the mounting piece. Can those hollows be filled in to make it solid? At which point, the adhesive should work?
That was my next thought, +Greg Ryals, what do you think?

Well, I still managed to crack a tile.
And then, instead of going through the tiles, we chose to go above them and so the drill was working... and working... and I still only got about half as deep as needed.

Gotta learn how to use this machine.

Goodmorneve and coffee, Giggleplus!
Today I will learn. I will make it work.

How do you learn a new skill, or relearn an old one? I've faced this before with riding a bike. Now it's about using power tools.

Goodmorneve and package deliveries, Giggleplus!

Okay, so why is it that when I have ordered two things for "me" that are for setting up the house - a set of specialty light bulbs for the kitchen fixture and a hammer drill (!) - and one thing for the Bearded Guy - a fold-out table... Why is it that mine, scheduled for today, are not yet here, but his, scheduled for tomorrow, came this morning? Why?

On another note - I've never used a hammer drill before. A little excited about this, and a little wary. But this is needed because my little battery-operated drill that I've had for years has decided it's too tired to even try to get through the concrete walls. Yup, all our walls are concrete.
I'll be drilling two holes in the ceiling to install the kitchen fixture. 8 holes in the tile and concrete in the bathroom to install the shower curtain and a small shelf. Plus 4 holes in the balcony wall for the fencing to keep the animals from jumping off the balcony. And who knows how many others for future projects? That's just what is going to happen in the near future.

Spoke with my former housemate's dad who said to work slowly, not push too hard, let the drill do the work. Reminded me to be steady on the ladder. And to clear out the holes before putting in the spacers/dübels/those little plastic things that hold the screws.

Is there anything else I should know? Anything else to be aware of?

One more coffee, please, I want to be awake when it gets here.
<dancing around> I got a new toy tool!


Our Berlin apartment came with kitchen cabinets, stove and double sink (that's not really "normal" here, we got lucky!) but no overhead lighting.
Also, a toilet, sink and bathtub (!), (the tub part being also not "normal").

But since it's winter, we're using the balcony as a fridge. However, we are both a little tired of that, plus we had other plans for the balcony, plus, it would better to get the food inside, plus, plus, plus...

And it's not like we have masses of space for it either. At most, 60 cm wide. Can't do the side-by-side set in that space! hahaha

We have decided the fridge shopping needs doing this week. Two weeks in the new place, two weeks of going outside for the milk and butter and cheese, but also, two weeks of shopping for canned and boxed goods. It's time to get some actual proper food in here.

Anybody got a clue what to look for? I know about energy ratings (A+ or better), I know about fitting it in the space we have, I know that The Bearded Guy and I disagree on preference of having the freezer at the top or bottom though both can live with it either way and I know that having enough room to fit certain sizes of containers in doors or on shelves - with moveable shelving - is preferred.
But what else should I look for? What are the important factors I am forgetting here?

He wants it to be red, but I need the important stuff.

Happy New Year!

Still working on waking up. Got paid work to handle, a new apartment to put into some more proper order, and general busyness.

Trying to do too many things at once means nothing gets done. So today starts with a short list.

1. Coffee - come on, coffee, get working. Cup number three on the way.
2. Answer all new email twice a day. Not every five minutes as it comes in. (First one for the day - DONE!)
3. Start on the paid work.... yeah yeah, after the coffee.


Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!
How was your fireworks night?
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