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Media mogul in training.
Media mogul in training.


Between getting a podcast to go live on iTunes (Yes, we did manage that!) and scheduling drag queens to sit down to chatter for said podcast and going to shows to continue the connections to the drag queens...

There are also other projects in the works.

And paid work to do.

And bills to pay.

And life in general, always messing with me.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus. Too early in the day for me, but 3 hours after getting out of bed, it appears I might be awake with an hour to kill before actually starting my day.

Oh, right - and laundry.
And grocery shopping.

Hey, at least I scheduled some sleep this week. :)
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A sick husband.
A couple of long-distance trips in the future to plan.
An instagram account, two podcasts, two blog series, two FB pages.
An actual website of our own to handle the podcasts/blogs.
Learning German.
Learning RSS.
Learning Podcasting.
Research like crazy.

Where in there did I remember to put time for doing my nails, playing my piano, painting my canvases, or even handling paid work as it comes in?
Oh, right... that's playtime.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!

I see lots of my folks are in danger yet again from weather issues...and fire issues... and a few are just way too close to war zones.
Yes, I post about my fun things. But I worry over other things that I generally do not post. Please stay safe. I am thinking of all of you, no matter what I post about regarding fun.
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WordPress and RSS feeds and SEO management and, and, and...

Between blogs and podcasts, getting all this stuff right the first time is not as easy as I had hoped it would be.

Ah, well. Something more to learn, along with attempting more German.

Part of me thinks we're trying to do too much.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!
I've got 7 tabs open just for WordPress and RSS. I am not accustomed to such a messy browser!
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Sitting with coffee, not sure if I should be happy or sad.

Happy that paid work is finished for today.
Sad that tonight's show includes the farewell performance of one of my favorite drag stars.

Happy that I am able to sit here with coffee.
Sad that I am not up to going out for dinner - which means cooking tonight. I have to save energy for going out later.

Happy that I have so much stuff in my life.
Sad that I don't have enough storage for all the stuff in my life.

Okay, that last one actually made me laugh.

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!
In a world where baby giggles can always make me laugh, sometimes, even I can make me laugh.
How about you?
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Trying to wake up.
Pretending I am awake.

Can I call this a fake-it-til-you-make-it day?

Goodmorneve and more coffee... no, coffee is not doing the trick this morning.

Research day for podcasting.
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Thursday's early morning build of a bookshelf for the Bearded Guy Who Lives At My House became an afternoon build of a bookshelf that we share. πŸ˜€

The second block from the bottom on the right was supposed to be my only slot. Turns out that I actually need more space!

Still trying to put the bathroom cabinet into proper order as well. Maybe we just have too much stuff.

Goodmorneve and another coffee, please. Eight months and we are still not "moved in".
Where is the emoji with rolling eyes?
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Okay, so I could have stayed in bed another hour or so... but when the delivery guys say between 0700 and 1400... yes, I was up before 0700.

So now that the delivery is here, I am tempted to go back to bed!

But it's a new shelving unit for the Bearded Guy and a new cabinet for under the sink in the bathroom and two boxes for under the bed. Gotta build!

Goodmorneve, Giggleplus!
Can you have items arrive and not put them together right away?
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Berlin has this lovely thing called the Long Night of Museums.
For a single ticket, you can go to more than 80 museums (well after normal closing time) and ride the special route busses or public transportation all good until 5:00 the following morning.

That's what we did last night.

Now, because of the cane, and because even with the schedule, we can't hit 80 museums!, we chose a few that we have been wanting to go to.

Museum of Natural History.
Greeted by dinosaur bones, of course!
This one is down the street from where we live.

The Spy Museum
Thanks to the staff and elevator, or I wouldn't have made it to the second floor!
An entire section on James Bond and other non-fictional spies. They have some books I'd like to read.

Way too long a line to get in here. We'll hold that one for a different day.

Open air cinema walk
I was parked at the Dunkin' Donuts with a coffee, but the guide for the showtime the Bearded Guy had chosen was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people who had shown up. We'll hold that one for another day as well.

They are doing amazing things with prosthetic limbs of all sizes. Did not see a new hip for me, though.
But here and in other places, 3-D printers were in use. Making parts for wheelchairs and for (some of them VERY tiny) prosthetic arms and legs.

Musical Instruments
At the Philharmonic
A concert was in session when we arrived - oboe, clarinet and bassoon. And keyboards of many types on the upper floor. Plus some electronic instruments - getting lots of testing from the visitors!

Technical Museum
Three of the four floors before I just had to sit down. Sometimes, all the walking is simply too much. Lots of fun things and lots of youngsters playing with the exhibits - and that was all on one side!
The lower floor had another extension with electronics, cars, history of communications... and more.

As we left there, rain was beginning. We chose to go home at that point. When did we get in? Well, it was after 1:00 in the morning. But we were both so tired from the walking!

The planetarium... one we had hoped to visit, but will see another time.

We kept the program guide, it will help us choose the other museums we are interested in and give us a starting point for scheduling our visits.

Thanks, Berlin!
One thought - the shuttles were often packed and so I suggest perhaps a few more during heavy visiting time? Around 9 pm, it got a bit rough to find the right way to get to our next chosen destination. We have our ways of getting around and we did a lot of public transportation for this - but honestly, the shuttles might have gotten us there faster if we'd been able to board.

What a grand evening/night.

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If you have an hour for a podcast (okay, only 45 minutes), I would appreciate feedback on this, please.

Trying to prepare for the next interview or show review or ... next episode, no matter what... but still don't have much in the way of critique on this one. Sneeze did a critique about my interviewing skills - and THANK YOU for that. But nothing on the show in general. Any takers?

Honesty, please. I can take it!
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Skirt finished. Hard to see the sparkles, though.
Still working on proper lighting for catching the glitter,
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