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"Treat others as you would wish to be treated" and other life lessons
Guess what? It's been one year since I graduated from uni and summer is well underway colouring the sky with positive, good-feel vibes. Crazy, isn't it? Since leaving uni, I've embarked on a career in marketing communications which allows me to be creative ...

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My time at uni: a reflection
University is an insanely nerve-wracking prospect for young 18 year olds who have never left home for any considerable length of time. When I was 18, I was excited but scared...fizzing and bubbling with an overflowing cocktail of anxieties and worries. To r...

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My thoughts on uni
University is an epic journey... This was the view I had in mind before I embarked on my studies. Therefore, I set myself the grand task of chronicling my experiences as a student and brand-new city dweller with a series of simple questions to be completed ...

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Careers Case Study: Marketing Intern & Volunteer
Check out what I have to say about building a career in Marketing, the importance of experience and my voluntary work all on Marketing Career Path. (read my case study here )

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When I Was Younger...
I have a stack of baby snaps sitting on my bedroom table... From time to time, I retrieve this stack, take a moment and sift through the memories. I love leafing through the pictures, marvelling at myself as a sweet cherub and rejoicing over everything I've...

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Careers Hints And Tips: Putting Together A CV Is Similar To Putting Together An Outfit
A statement dress can command the attention of an entire room, elevating and flattering its wearer; similarly, a sharply written CV can attract and hold the attention of prospective employers time and time again. In more ways than one, the act of piecing to...

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Horror Movies: Why You Should Watch Them
I started watching horror movies at uni and instantly fell in love with them. After discussing my unconventional hobby with Oliver of Suede and Symphony , I was reminded yet again of the many reasons I adore the genre. In little more than a few short hours,...

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Tips For Achieving Dreams, Goals And Ambitions
A few days ago, I turned 21 which is all kinds of marvellous. I'm  no longer a teen, no longer an eighteen year old, furnishing a teeny tiny uni room with all sorts of hopes, dreams and expectations (live in a city, become a writer, get good grades). Back t...

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4 Things People Really Need To Stop Saying
"Turn to page 7, class" she commanded in a clear and authoritative tone. Us youngsters complied at once and were imminently introduced to a wide range of terms, including 'fair test', 'validity', 'correlation' and 'causation'.  Thanks to a good few years of...

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How To Relieve The Impact Of Jealousy
How To Overcome The Impact Of Jealousy: Look Inwards Always Look On The Green Side Of Life We all receive a visit from the green-eyed monster, every now and again. As one of the seven deadly sins, envy is considered a raw and seemingly irrational emotion wh...
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