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To all of you out there anyone can be saved.

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Wow. This is a really great song

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Jeems Bayou || Louisiana

View Large for a little more detail

If you enjoy HDR Photography and have LRCC or LR5 give the HDR feature a try, especially if you like "natural" HDR work rather than the cartoonish surreal so many seem to be enamored with. Personally, I think the surreal stuff is garbage, except on rare occasion.

History: Between east Texas and northwest Louisiana, the mysterious bayou was a gateway for pirates to nearby Caddo Lake where they raided riverboats headed for Jefferson, Texas.

#landscapephotography   #naturephotography   #water   #riverscapephotography   #bayou   #louisianaphotography   #reflectionphotography  

Can someone send me a link to a good game website... there isn't much to do at my house):

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Watch this youtuber he's pretty cool. P.S. he cusses a lot.

Schools almost out!!!!!!! Have a great summer.
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