Keep adding laws and we'll simply go further underground.

Sweden has features that make it a prime target for piracy, like high bandwidth at home and being the birthplace of The Pirate Bay. So recording and movie industry mafioso have worked hard on tightening up laws there to make file sharing harder.

Aaaaaand that's not working.

You cannot track someone you cannot see and the reason you cannot see them is because of VPN and encryption. A growing number of Swedes, 700,000 of them to be exact, are now using VPNa and anonymizing to keep their online activities secret from organizations like the MPAA and RIAA and their Swedish counterparts. It just strikes me as incredibly hypocritical, even in a legal way, that Swedes are forced to use VPNs to keep their online activities private from a non-governmental organization that really wants to spy on them.

I'm a non-governmental organization, what would happen if I spied on people's online activities? Then again, I don't have a billion dollar bankroll to buy sympathetic politicians.
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