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Andreas Schniertshauer


Asteroid 2004 BL86 (357439), Aachen, GER 2015.

Andreas Schniertshauer

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snatch - Photograph © Andreas Schniertshauer, snatch; From the series: retro vintage photography, Köln (Photokina), GER 2014.
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Wow, the sun DOES light there :-)
Good one +Andreas Schniertshauer 
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Andoricx 1 - +LEGO mini PC (Linux+Android) based on a pcDuino board by LinkSprite and a +LEGO case designed and assembled by Andreas Schniertshauer. 
LEGO mini PC (Linux+Android) with pcDuino Board © LinkSprite + Case © Andreas Schniertshauer. 13 cm x 8,5 cm x 5,5 cm

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Mapping with Google certificate - Got it :-)

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Digital Archaeology - Found this old abandonded compact cassette (cc) tape for the Commodore C64 in my box.
Photos of an abandoned C64 Compact Cassette (CC) Tape with custom write-protection (the orange paper in the notch) and labels for program starting positions (9.-15, 260-232)
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Ja, 80er Zeiten.
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My favorite "Machine Band": Die Krupps - a German industrial / post-industrial, EBM band I listend in the 80th - "Metal Machine Music", "Machineries of Joy", "Goldfinger".
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Time of good music... now all the music is quite "pussy"...
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#asteroid   #NASA   #2004BL86   #bl86  

 Radar images of today's asteroid 2004 BL86 flyby reveal it has a moon.
Full story:
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Retten Sie interstellarum!
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Crowdfunding-Kampagne von Team interstellarum. interstellarum, das ist seit 20 Jahren die einzigartige Zeitschrift für praktische Astronomie.interstellarum, das ist der größte astronomische Nachrichtendienst in deutscher Sprache.interstellarum, das ist qualitativ hochwertiger Journalismus abseits...

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Landscape near Wehebachtalsperre

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Monschau unusual - Fotos von Monschau - mal anders als die üblichen Postkarten Bilder.
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Andreas Schniertshauer

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gamers passion in darkness

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Thanks to Google+ for the course and the material.
Here is my quick and dirty Google Earth project:
+Aachen360  - Favs in Frankenberger district (Frankenberger-Viertel) in +Aachen , Germany
with links to 360° Panoramic images +360Cities and more.
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His passion is photography, astronomy, trekking, coding, and feeding the internet with information.
I love 360° panoramic photography, little planets and photography, landscapes, architecture and street are my motives. Please visit my photo gallery or flickr photostream
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C++11 rocks.
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