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Andreas Schniertshauer


Andreas Schniertshauer

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Landscape near Wehebachtalsperre

Andreas Schniertshauer

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gamers passion in darkness

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Thanks to Google+ for the course and the material.
Here is my quick and dirty Google Earth project:
+Aachen360  - Favs in Frankenberger district (Frankenberger-Viertel) in +Aachen , Germany
with links to 360° Panoramic images +360Cities and more.
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My favorite "Machine Band": Die Krupps - a German industrial / post-industrial, EBM band I listend in the 80th - "Metal Machine Music", "Machineries of Joy", "Goldfinger".
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Time of good music... now all the music is quite "pussy"...
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Andreas Schniertshauer

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Monschau unusual - Fotos von Monschau - mal anders als die üblichen Postkarten Bilder.
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Andoricx 1 - +LEGO mini PC (Linux+Android) based on a pcDuino board by LinkSprite and a +LEGO case designed and assembled by Andreas Schniertshauer. 

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Mapping with Google certificate - Got it :-)

Andreas Schniertshauer

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Digital Archaeology - Found this old abandonded compact cassette (cc) tape for the Commodore C64 in my box.
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Ja, 80er Zeiten.
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Winter in Mützenich in the Eifel @ private weather station of
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His passion is photography, astronomy, trekking, coding, and feeding the internet with information.
I love 360° panoramic photography, little planets and normal photography, landscapes and cityscapes are my motives. Please visit my Website and
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C++ is not back, it never went away.
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