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Gary Gonnella

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Oh ya
99 little bugs in the code. #LetsSing
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LOL!!!  Definitely!
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Gary Gonnella

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For all my friends here is an update. I am no longer employed at Linear Systems. Wa Hoo
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you got that right.
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Gary Gonnella

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Way cool!
Spinning Steel Wool for Science!

My friends over at +Untamed Science have just reached a milestone of 5,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel! To celebrate, they went out and shot a lot of footage spinning steel wool on fire!!

Not only are they sharing the beautiful footage/images that came out of this, but go into the science of how the steel wool reacts when the leads of the 9-volt are placed onto it. 

If you are going to try this at home, make sure to take all safety precautions into account as the team makes sure to feature in the video. 

Oh and make sure to subscribe! They're a great bunch of people who approach the beauty and wonder of our natural world in amazing ways!

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Gary Gonnella

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A while ago I posted a moral question, when dealing with someone you are convinced is a pathological liar, are you under any obligation to tell the truth to that person? After reading the many responses from my friends on G+ and a lot of soul searching I have reached the only possible conclusion. Truth is one of your personal attributes and should never be sacrificed as it does not effect the other person in any and only damages yourself. The correct moral decision is to have nothing to do with that individual, however if that is not presently feasible then limit interaction as much as possible but always wear your sword of truth.

As someone once said "never argue with an idiot, they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". Some of you may recognize a possible source for this quote, but I don't know the original source. $ome of you will also recognize the significance of the picture.

Also I am presently on a 2 week medical leave from work. 

Thank you my friends.
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Gary Gonnella

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It is literally true or it isn't, You can't pick and choose.
I cant count how many times I've heard: "oh yea, I dont follow that part of the bible".

#cherrypickers #checkmateatheiest
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Picking and choosing from the Bible is like picking and choosing from the U.S. Constitution. 
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